Extended Fabula Nova Crystallis Interviews posted several interviews about FFXIII-2, Final Fantasy Type-0 and the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology following last week's Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere and the release of the HD trailers. Eager fans translated these quickly, with some interesting results.

We'll give you a short summary of the interviews. For spoilers sake, to limit the size of this article and to credit the people who've translated this, please refer to our source for the full interview.

The Type-0 interview reveals that characters will gain experience and level-up, as well as gain access to a weapon upgrade feature similar to FFXIII. They also reveal that there will be 4 major cities in the world of Orience, called Peristyliums. These citieswill be a hub for everything related to story and sidequests.

The FFXIII-2 interview also contains interesting information, although most of that are major spoilers from the Final Fantasy XIII ending and Episode i short story. The developers aren't too shabby to reply to Famitsu/Dengeki's questions, although they say that the world of FFXIII will be present somehow, and you might want to keep your save data from FFXIII.

This week certainly was a great week for Final Fantasy XIII fans who're begging for "something" for such a long time. With an information blowout, new screenshots and 2 gorgeous trailers, Square Enix has started 2011 with a bang.

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Karuto2703d ago

I don't know how convinced I am over FFXIII-2 -- they say they want to make it darker, but FFXIII already had a pretty dark story. Versus XIII, on the other hand, looks like a nice step for the series. Is it weird that I am starting to care far less about the series as a whole these days?

Mercy00012703d ago

Each Final Fantasy is different than the other. You might hate one and fall in love with the next. That's how things go, and that's quite possibly the power of Final Fantasy.

RedDead2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Well up until FFX-2, I loved all of them. Never played 12, hate Xiii with a passion, however I won't right off FF13-2 just because of that, it may be great it may not, we'll see.

Edit---from what i'm hearing it sound't like it's imprved, they say there are "people in every nook and cranny" now aswell...still though i'll wait ot reserve judgement on it.

Simon_Brezhnev2703d ago

lol im with you red i hated 13 with a passion. 13-2 is kind of drawing me in by saying its more darker. I didnt see a damn thing dark about 13

rockleex2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Screw them for delaying Versus once again while giving us another sh*tty FFXIII.

I'll definitely rent or borrow XIII-2 this time around to check its quality and depth first.

Made a HUGE mistake of buying XIII day one despite all the bad reviews. Seems I had too much blind faith. -_-"

FinalFantasyFanatic2703d ago

I haven't really cared much about the series since I finished FFX-2 (a lot more interested in Persona now), however I'm still looking forward to Versus 13.

redskinfan30002703d ago

I'm not a huge Final Fantasy guy, but I liked 13 a lot. I'm even more excited about 13-2 and Versus 13 looks very nice so far.

Deathstroke2703d ago

I didn't play FF13 and I won't play FF13-2. The only FF game I'll be playing this gen is FFvs13 (unless FF Type-0 counts in which case I'll be playing that too).

Hozi892703d ago

I think the Square Enix picked up a few new fans for the series when they decided to westernize it and they also pissed off quite a few already die hard fans. hmmm? Thats not good, so if they want 13-2 to sell I hope to God they give us exactly what we want! Towns, Speaking NPCs, Awesome gameplay. etc...

nickjkl2703d ago

depends if you think the comments on the internet is the equivalent of millions of sells which i doubt

Hozi892703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

No...I am not only referring to the comments on the internet but, as die hard fans why wouldn't they get the game anyways? Would you listen to a review that said a game was bad and it's a series you love?

So the fans got caught up and bought FF13 anyways. They had to see it to believe it. Like me. and it was truly a let down for half the game.

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