Casual Games For Real Gamers

Some people complain that casual games are ruining the industry, flooding the market with boring titles aimed at bored moms, but if you pick through the crap there are actually some awesome games in there. We'll save you the time and give you just the good ones.

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schlanz2795d ago

Casual games, core games, I love them all as long as they are fun.

Ever hear of Tetris?

sashimi2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Tetris is hardcore man...those blocks are way too fast on later levels that i can't even blink!

MarcusFenixITA2795d ago

Tetris can crack your brain!

Perjoss2795d ago

Tetris in arcades and on Gameboy made me the quick-thinking and fast-to-react man I am today.

kramun2795d ago

I had more fun with Plants vs Zombies and World of Goo than many 'hardcore' full price retail games. I'd love a sequel for both of them as well.

Biggest2795d ago

I agree about World of Goo. One of my favorite games of all time.

Xof2795d ago

Casual games for real gamers?

If you call yourself a "real gamer" there are NO games for you, casual or not, because you're not a gamer.

Xristo2795d ago

One of the best casual physics games to date (like World of Goo) is Armadillo Run...check it out!!!