The Gaming Show - Episode 1

Episode One

In Episode One of The Gaming Show:

-The Evolution of Lara Croft: How advances in technology have improved videogame icon Lara Croft, who has evolved from low-polygon wireframe mesh, into the new and improved Lara we know today.

- Greatest Movie to Game Adaptations: We take a look at a famous scene from a blockbuster movie and compare side-by-side how close the game developer got to accurately recreating it in videogame form.

- The Kinect Show: A look at how Microsoft are promoting the Kinect sensor peripheral for Xbox 360, with footage from upcoming multi-million dollar production TV sitcom, ‘The Kinect Show’.

-You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are: A look back at TV show ‘The Computer Chronicles’, featuring a fascinating insight into how the Commodore 64 revolutionised people’s career’s and lives.

- You’ve Been Gamed!: A serious look at how videogame bugs and glitches are causing developers sleepless nights and endless stress as they strive without fail to release their games to market in perfect condition.

- We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!: An insight into how game mechanics have evolved and advanced over the last forty years featuring footage of one of the best examples released in 2010.

- The Gaming Show Awards: Also in this episode we display nominations for our end of year videogame award ceremony. This episode features nominations for the following categories:

* - Best Cutscene
* - Best Fight Choreography
* - Best TV Advertisement

~The Gaming Show

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