Hello Halo!

Tech Check with Jim Goldman dishes on Halo 3:

Inside of a week now to the year's most anticipated entertainment event. Not Shrek. Spider-man. Even Pirates.

*Microsoft surpassed 1 million pre-orders for the game last week, more than any other game release ever.

*There are more than 15 million active Halo players globally now, logging more than a billion hours playing the game together on Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming community. Of the 6 million who signed up for Xbox Live, two-thirds did so solely because of Halo, meaning the game will juice sales of Xbox 360, and should help Microsoft assert itself ahead of Sony in the console wars.

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lonestarmt3834d ago

haha so clever, taking a shot at heavenly sword in the title eh? Sure hope not

toughNAME3834d ago

Im sure HS is a great game in its own right...but comparing it to Halo 3?

come on...thats just mean

ReBurn3834d ago

The title of the article changed anyway, so the comparison is gone. Too bad. I liked the old title better.

IQUITN4G3834d ago

Never in my life have i been more excited waiting for a game - we're lucky b!!tards getting this slice of heaven.

So glad i chose 360