The Bulletstorm Demo: Why It BUGS me


"So by now many of you have downloaded and played the demo for Bulletstorm, the new EPIC FPS developed by People Can Fly, and judging by the leaderboards everybody seems to be loving it.

Unfortunately I can’t help but continuously play through the 3-5 minute demo and knit pick at the faults and uncanny problems the game seems to contain, despite my great enjoyment."

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BadCircuit2877d ago

The thing I hate most is bugs in a game. Luckily this is only a demo so I can't dismiss it as a buggy, terrible game (yet).

zootang2877d ago

People can fly but they can't jump?

Kon2877d ago

I see what you did there...

metsgaming2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

yea i noticed no jumping immediately

Inside_out2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I played through the demo several times, never found any bugs...MAYBE because I wasn't

Who is dumb enough to judge a game by a demo...O_o...and a demo set up like a tutorial!!!

Repetitive??? Every Game is repetitive. It would of been nice to see a little of the single player but People can fly and Epic decided not to reveal that in the demo...missed opportunity??? Maybe.

There have been numerous video's showing the game play and it's pretty obvious that the game will be more than shoot and take a look...E3 2010...

Gamescom 2010...Tanya Jessen commentary...

What's the point of a game without a story...Bulletstorm has one and actually, it looks quite good...

The people who hate this game seem to have some sort of an agenda...maybe because of another great game releasing at the same" hey man, nice shot "...

Can't wait myself...Gears Of MADNESS 3 multi-player beta included...WOW

Scotland-Tha-Brave2876d ago

why are you such a freak?
Every comment you spam your fanboy links.

visualb2876d ago

if a game like KILLZONE allows you to jump (super clunky jump but its a jump) i'd expect a game like bulletstorm to add it

hell, they could implement the jump into so many new moves it'd just add a whole new gameplay dynamic to the game

quite a missed opportunity, doesn't mean game won't be awesome!

ComboBreaker2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Cez of Rage: "They have shown my beloved game in a bad light. I must defend it with all these links (whihc nobody will actually click because they've already played the demo and seen how bad the game is) proving how wrong they are, because my beloved game is just so great."

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Joni-Ice2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I played the demo and it just didnt give me that feeling like I need to buy this. I was going to pick it up with KZ3 but not sure now. I dint experience any bugs though but then again I wasnt looking.

eterry2876d ago

i have them both preordered but i think im gonna cancel bulletstorm, there was just something about it that made me lose excitment for it.

FrankenLife2877d ago

I didn't encounter any real bugs. But I also didn't encounter anything I care to do again.

HolyOrangeCows2877d ago

I didn't really have problems with any bugs. I just didn't care for the demo.

The only "bug" I encountered was the lousy level design. Every other time I kicked a guy, he was practically magnetized to one of the millions of spiky walls in the room. I try to kick someone to to the side and then kick them to a clump of wires....nope; magnetized towards a wall of spikes.

And every area is designed to set up another gimmicky kill. "kill with skill" nothing. More like "play with the next gimmick"

bluwulf2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )


People always say that, about all games. "Well its just a sure the dev will fix before release!" Its so not often the case. I'd say there are a handful of games, maybe less than 5, that had Retail code which was vastly different from demo code this generation. Yet people still pretend the dev is going to bend over backwards and fix these things when they can just say "hi the gears beta is in it." and charge 60.00.

Lets take a friendly bet, I bet a majority of things aren't fixed at release time.Most devs don't even patch after release these days, not for cash grab games like this one.

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gaminoz2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Yeah I'm really sick of the "we'll release a patch after release" attitude. Fair enough if you missed it and need to do it afterward, but the whole 'just get it out, use gamers as the testers, and fix later' is lazy.

I don't mind games missing their expected release date if they are released with as few bugs as possible. I feel sorry for any console owners with no internet access to the console these days...

Proeliator2877d ago

It's just ridiculous the mindset developers have now. I don't know what's worse: locking content onto the disc to charge for later, or releasing a broken game and fixing it later.

Kon2877d ago

Locking content is far worse.

SasanovaS19872877d ago

pretty sure the game wont sell enough to be worth the patches expenses. consider it a perminant broken game when it releases, if the bugs stay consistent

-PINNER-2876d ago

Gears of War 1 and 2 were filled with bugs, why would I think Cliffy B's newest game wouldn't suffer from the same problems. I had a shit ton of fun with the demo, but I'm going to wait awhile before I pick this up. I want to read customer reviews before i pay for it. Plus I'll be busy for a bit with KZ3, Homefront, and Socom 4. Crysis 2 looks good too.

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hamburger1232877d ago

I thought it was awesome.

Gonna buy it when its cheaper.

Silly gameAr2877d ago

I thought it was pretty awesome too. Didn't encounter to many bugs, nothing major anyway.

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