onPause Review: Breach

onPause writes:

Atomic Games have done a decent job in creating a downloadable First Person Shooter that can handle itself in the face of the competition. The game has solid gameplay accompanied by unique game modes such as Convoy. This mix should be enough to keep shooter fans, who are waiting for the next big retail release, busy and entertained. The game has come a long way and if the reliability of the multiplayer experience improves it could become one of those titles that are played by the hardcore community for weeks to come.

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RonyDean2696d ago

I need to download the trial and check it out. It would be nice to have a new FPS to play on the cheap.

mcroddi2695d ago

I think Breach is not a bad game, especially for the price.

dernkuhn2695d ago

Breach isn't a bad game, those darn servers are.