Why I Think Sony May Be Onto A Winner With NGP

Since the announcement of Sony’s new NGP, there has been happiness, worried folks, and also the odd angry feller. But me, for one, am looking forward to seeing the NGP for myself and it is also looking already to be a great piece of technology. Why is this, I hear you wonder? Read on to find out.


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Mystogan2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Im still more interested in the 3DS because NGP seems to be focusing on just Graphics.

Also 3DS has the better games for me.

pedrami912545d ago

It's too early for you to be saying that. The NGP just got announced.

Wait til E3 kay ?

pain777pas2545d ago

You're right pedrami91. The system is still being called the NGP and EA hasn't even shown their support until the reveal at E3. Kojima wanted to show more but he is waiting till E3. The final reveal is at E3 with price, launch game etc... This was a tease and an extremeley good one at that.

Masterchef20072545d ago

I completly agree. I am sure that at E3 they will be showing off a ton of games for the NGP

mrv3212545d ago

Nintendo's biggest selling feature for the 3DS is the 3D... now what does that fall under?

Livin_in_a_box2545d ago

The major title I want on the 3DS is Metal Gear. I've wanted it since it was announced!

miyamoto2545d ago

Isn't it rumored that MGS3 plus MGS1&2 appearing on the PS3, also in HD Classic Collection?

Therefore it might appear on NGP also, just saying....^__^

I better wait then before rushing into things.

thereapersson2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

You have a winner.

Enjoy getting your retinas burned out by Pikachu in eye-straining 3D. bro.

colonel1792545d ago

I really hope NGP doesn't get just PS3 ports like the PSP was getting. Even if they are not the same (Like Motorstorm, LittleBigPlanet for example) is just a game that was launched on the PS3 ported to the PSP.

I think NGP has better advantage with the controls than it has with graphics. Having a rear touchpad, a touchscreen, and full buttons like a dualshock, developers could make really innovative games in how they play, and not just how they look. I know great graphics are awesome, and I love to have them; but there is a PS3, and why would I want to have Uncharted PSP when I already get a better-looking Uncharted on PS3? (graphics wise)

So i really expect developers to come out with innovative ideas on how we control games using every aspect of the NGP, while looking good, and not just NGP's versions of PS3 games as the launch games (Killzone, Unchartes, LBP, COD, etc)

The only thing 3DS has in its favor against NGP is the 3D, and I think it will wear off really fast. Other than that, is still just a DS. However, what made the DS great, was the innovative gameplay, the ability to play with the stylus and having new and innovative ideas for the games.

I expect the same thing for the NGP.

metsgaming2545d ago

the only reason im still somewhat interested in the 3ds is the 3d, everything else about it stinks. I just want the NGP but with 3d then i would be really happy. I dont understand why they wouldnt add it, i mean they pushing 3d more than anyother company but wont put it in the NGP?

StbI9902545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Games games games, sure, that is what make a console appealing yet people says what mystogan just wrote...

First it was just a simple demonstration/annoucenment, not like 3DS which was announced on the e3, second I believe kid like you gonna be shut after all the non graphical/interactivity games coming next e3 by those 80+ third party plus that merely signed of exciment by barely watching the Hardware, what about the one yet to sign on?, againts all the rehash the 3DS is simply receiving, also games from the 1 dollars range to 10 are comingo to the NGP, thng are gonna start looking flat for the 3DS.

I think sony has a win here for the sole fact of having so many option in a sole console, touch screen for casual, dual stick for hardcore and Pssuite/3G for android/iPhone users, it is like facing the iphone and 3DS at the same time (missing the 3D effect I bet people ain't g'nna play with after the shit wore out).

The tiny detail here that sony need to nail, is the price and a good line up of games from the very start(which with this demonstration ago, I believe there will), and the device is a total set off to win this handheld generation.

Where as the 3DS only fall under the 3D for the sake of appealing, after the lil effect wore off, what left to nintendo? step up your games budie.

rrw2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

not just graphic

three-axis electronic compass
Second Analog stick
Multitouch OLED screen(multiple touch points for gestures and the like)
Multitouch panel on the back
Front and back-facing camera

supremacy2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Don't forget the os on the thing, and thats what some people are failing to recognize.

I mean trophies?


Cross platform coming? blutooth?

The ability to upscale your digital psp games?

And i am sure this thing will feature a good source of sound when it hits.

Also lol i wouldn't be surprised if this device ends up a huge battery sitting inside of it.

hamburger1232545d ago

saying that NGP(or PS3GO) is focusing on graphics is like saying that the 3DS is focusing on 3D.

Sarcasm2545d ago

How is it just focusing on graphics? Do people really miss out on the other specs and information on purpose?

There's 3G, front and rear cameras, front and rear touch pads, SIXAXIS, and dual analog sticks. Those features alone set it completely apart from the original PSP. It will take on a whole new set of gaming design concept to make games for this device from the ground up.

Blaine2545d ago


I think you got it backwards! The 3DS's only appeal over the DS is the 3D--graphics. The NGP, on the other hand, offers a slew of new input devices, and that's why I personally think it'll be a winner.

The touch-screen, touch-pad on the back, motion sensors, dual analog, etc. will really allow devs to make unique games for it. And just by adding all these input methods proves Sony isn't focusing only on graphics, but rather on making a unique portable gaming machine.

colonel1792545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

That's exactly what I wanted to say above, but you wrote it better!

Is going to be interesting to see developers use all those different input methods. Hopefully they are not just to give options (like having jump mapped to three things), but use them in clever ways.

spectyre2544d ago

I have to disagree. NGP's main focus appears to be social networking. To back up my point, here is Sony's official teaser trailer.

Kind of simple to see which way the NGP wind is blowing.

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MultiConsoleGamer2545d ago

I think Sony is pushing a more powerful version of something that already isn't selling in the West. That alone should be great cause for concern.

Other than that, I think the system is awesome.

EasilyTheBest2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Good comment, I totally agree. The one thing I think Sony needed was 2 screens. Just to make it seem different to the PSp.
Casuals are clueless, and alot of them will wonder what all the fuss is about. The ll think its just a PSp.

gamingisnotacrime2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

the NGP is EXACTLY what the gaming community demanded. I cant think of one feature we wanted and is not there. even 3G for crying out loud.

OLED big screen eats dual ordinary screen anyday
and casuals are NOT Sony's main audience, they cater to us, the core gamers that buy games every one to 2 months and keep the PS brand strong. Core>>>>>>Ca sual

StbI9902545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

"I think Sony is pushing a more powerful version of something that already isn't selling in the West."

No, they are not, actually they are coming from both handheld's install base that the DS and Iphone have (that is actually SELLING in the west and no countign the 66+ psp's install base) for a selling point, Imho, if played right,it will totally obliterate the competition, I believe Nintendo is approaching this same lil niche assessment to win some more potential hardcore buyers beside their already big install base (nifty) but will that function knowing there better device for hardcore experience? only times will tells my cents.

And for the guy above...2 screen? LOL, ok I set that as your nintendo fanboy flag ^.^

5" Oled screen > Dual screen for a better experience, no one can't deny that, dual screen is effective tho, for games like ocarina of time/resident evil and wht'nt but nothing like a big screent o appreciate the game at its prime UuU.

EasilyTheBest2545d ago

I think you and the guy above is missing the point.
The PSP has sold 60 million + but how many of them are to the hardcore.
Parents and the Clueless casuals are going to think its just a PSP just like the difference between the DSi and the DSXL.
Im not saying the specs screen etc arent amazing, I just feel Sony needed a completely dfferent look or a extra that appeals to the clueless parents and casuals.
3d for example with no glasses. Thats gets the casuals looking its an easy sell and Nintendo knows it.

Tech wise, casuals aint a clue. I still get asked regularly, "do PS3 games work in a PS2" and "do Xbox360 games work in an Original Xbox"
How stupids that...

solidsnake2222545d ago

Watched the conference this morning, the thing looks unstoppable!

theonlylolking2545d ago

But people who still like the same mario and pokemon games we have had for years are going to buy it for those games, and probably a few others.

lepolohuevo2545d ago

Do we even care who wins? As long as the games are good

pain777pas2545d ago

NGP and 3DS are great. NGP is more my demo graphic and my new dreamcast in the sense that I will love this system because it is what I want at this stage of my life. It may sound melodramatic but many are looking for alittle something new with the traditional intact. This is exactly what I want. 3d would have been cool but expensive. Sony is working on this tech so when they get into it you bet they will do a good job aswell.

StbI9902545d ago

Again, 3D can't be possible on the same screen with touch capabilities, don't see both tech going along that well IMHO, so don't expect such thing for the next couple of years.

TANUKI2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I really liked what Kojima said about "cloud gaming". I really like the idea of being able to seaminglessly play a PS3 game, then easily switch to the handheld when I'm not at home, and continue it again, when I do get home... back to my PS3.

It's a wonderful concept, and I think ALL 3 major console developers should really get into.

thereapersson2545d ago

People would be more willing to finish a game if they could earn the same trophies and use the same save-data in a portable version. I know I would, at least.

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