FTG Review: DC Universe Online Levels 1-10

Sony Online Entertainment’s latest foray into a console MMO with DC Universe Online is a risky move. Is it worth a purchase, or should you leave your MMO’s on the PC?

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Killzoned2874d ago

i think its pretty good, am level 12 on the PS3 version but i have no idea how the mic works lol do i just turn it on and talk?
Need more people to play it with though and not having a keypad sucks.
EU server btw CrossFire server or something

eccothedolphin72873d ago

I'm hoping this one has a demo soon on PC. I would love to check it out. Or maybe it will go free to play in 6 months like all the other MMOs.

maxcavsm2872d ago

Not bad write up; my first 10 levels were a little...meh. I hope the end game picks up!