Level-5 CEO Debuts New Ni no Kuni PS3 Footage

Andriasang: Plus, secret design documents show Inazuma Eleven 3DS.

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B-Real2062697d ago

I really hope this RPG gets released in the states

Dante1122697d ago

Me too. Looks like alot of fun.

SasanovaS19872697d ago

graphics are ridiculous. il get alot of hate, but this impresses me way more then ANY graphics out there, including kz3, uncharted 2, etc. dont even care.

thereapersson2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

No, you're right. This is one of the best implementations of cel-shading I've ever seen. For the first few moments of watching this, I thought it was a pre-rendered CG cartoon. Then I realized they were really playing in-game!


I followed the link after watching the video.

"A couple of other revelations from the show:

Hino apparently said that he only sleeps 3 to 5 hours a day."

Wow, that's some intense dedication to your craft!

Also, I didn't even realize that they were going for the Studio Ghibli look, but watching the video really made me feel as though I was watching a Miyazaki film or something.

Impressive tech!

Blaine2697d ago

Studio Ghibly "look"? I thought the studio was directly involved in the production of the game? Was the main reason I was interested in this to begin with--I love Studio Ghibli!

Surfaced2697d ago


yes Studio Ghibli had more involvement. There are also animated cutscenes throughout the game, and Ghibli produced those.

pain777pas2697d ago

Sometimes I wonder why Developers go for the realistic graphics approach all the time. Journey is another game that I think is beautiful. More developers should us cell shading if they cannot get the visual fidelity that huge development houses with big budgets get. VC is another game that is fantastic to look at aswell. Nice post SansanovaS1987.

Ravage272697d ago

i'm pretty sure there will be plenty of people out there who will be stunned after realising that it is a game running in real-time.

This and FF13VS will be the prettiest RPG released this gen.

rockleex2697d ago

I demand PS Move support! >:[

DORMIN2696d ago

This MUST release here in the West.

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-Alpha2697d ago

You mean it's not confirmed for the US yet??

Dammit, I was planning on buying it

pain777pas2697d ago

This game is deep though. There was an unboxing of the collectors edition on youtube and there is a huge book that goes with this game that will enhance the experience of consulting it for tips on spells etc... A lot of love went into the creation of this game.

Sevir042697d ago

This is by far the best usage of Cell shade tech. no other anime rendered game looks as good as this. not even the recent NS:UNS2 and i thought that was as good as it gets. this looks amazing!!!!

HelghastKid2697d ago

well knowing level 5, they will release it in the US. cant think of a game this gen they havent brought stateside

Neckbear2697d ago

Heh, might be too soon to comment about this, but WKC2 and the DS version of Ni No Kuni both have yet to be announced for oversea releases.

HelghastKid2697d ago

yea, but WKC took a year to get released stateside. Im not saying itll come fast, i just think we will be getting it.

Blaine2697d ago

Seriously, WKC took WAY too long to get ported to North America. The wait completely killed my interest in the game. I hope they learn this time around and bring it over sooner.

Parapraxis2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I agree B-Real206, I've been watching Ghibli films fro over 15 years. Own almost all the them on DVD.

This game looks amazing, especially for anime and RPG fans.

lil Titan2697d ago

is that a new anime!?!?!

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Killzoned2697d ago

Am still somewhat unsold on this game, It looks fun and its an JRPG too. Is this even announced for a NA and EU release? I have my doubts

Stealth20k2697d ago

the ds version which is a different game scored a 38/30 from famitsu..............

its amazing, so will this

Surfaced2697d ago

You mean 38/40 but yes this game is amazing.

wingman32x2697d ago

Looks awesome. I hope they bring it over here to the US. I love a good JRPG.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2697d ago

move support and a release date, day 1 buy, ghibli FTW

JusenkyoGuide2697d ago

my body and ps3 are ready for this delicious jrpg.

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