TGV: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Hands-On (3DS)

Excerpt: I was going to open this piece with some sort of monologue about how important The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is to gaming and gamers in general, but there’s no point. You all already know. While it had a couple of emulated re-releases on the Gamecube, Nintendo have finally decided to remake the game proper for the 3DS – and we’ve played it.

There were understandably large lines to play Ocarina of Time, even at the invite-only European 3DS Press Launch – though it didn’t help that Ocarina of Time was situated in an area marked on the map as the “bar” which actually had no drinks in it! Either many were desperate for booze or many were desperate for Zelda – or perhaps it was both.

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Herminator2702d ago

Game of the Forever for me. Gonna have to spend 300£ to play a 13 year old game. =/ I hope that bundle with the Zelda branded 3DS, Ocarina and Link's awakening come out in Europe too.

StbI9902702d ago

Only worthy 3DS so far and the only 3DS game I'm just about to play when I buy it.

borisfett2702d ago

Agreed. No harm is milking a cow if the cow is a prized heffer, right?

D14BL02702d ago

Never in my right mind would I spend retail value for a 13-year old game.

Nintendo is making it very hard to stick to this philosophy.

Ayer992702d ago

I don't care about this, I WANT SKYWARD SWORD!

Karuto2702d ago

The graphics look much improved, like running Project64 or something. I will always love this game, no matter the platform.

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