TGV: Pilotwings Resort Hands-On (3DS)

Excerpt: Without Starfox 64 3D available for hands-on play and with the flight in Kid Icarus leaving me hungering for some more flying action, I turned to Pilotwings Resort for my fix out at the Nintendo 3DS Press Launch out in Amsterdam last week.

Pilotwings Resort actually sees players return to Wuhu island, the locale that players visited in Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort over on the Wii. The island appears to be pretty much identical in overall layout to how it was on the Wii, now retooled with the necessary changes needed to make the island a flight paradise.

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Herminator2725d ago

Pilotwings 64 is my jam. I wonder how much the Mii's/Wuhu add to it, and if the gameplay hold up as a modern game, or if it's more to show of the depth effects.

Karuto2724d ago

The PW64 challenges always got me and my friends competing with each other. Pretty damn difficult trying to hit the center of those targets...

RustyMagus2724d ago

I wonder if they'll include a giant Mario cliff face and allow us to shoot at it with missiles, transforming it into Wario's face like in the N64 days.