America Has No More Heroes

Ubisoft on Wednesday revealed exclusively to IGN that it has picked up the rights to publish the anticipated Wii action game No More Heroes in North America. The title will release stateside next February, just two months after the Japanese ship date.

No More Heroes is developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and directed by Suda 51, who also helmed the critically acclaimed GameCube adventure title Killer 7. The brutal endeavor pits players as Travis Touchdown, a hardcore anime fan living in the fictional town of Santa Destroy, who takes it upon himself to murder the world's top assassins so that he can be number one. To accomplish this task, Touchdown must battle 10 "bloodthirsty killers -- all with deep stories of their own," according to Ubisoft.

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Bill Gates3926d ago

Noam Chomsky is the ONLY American hero left.

ItsDubC3926d ago

Despite being hated so much on this site, you do exhibit a degree of intelligence. It's good to see comments like this come from you every once in a while, but I enjoy your anti-MS ones far more.

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