TGV: Kid Icarus: Uprising Hands-On (3DS)

Excerpt: Pit is, in many ways, the undervalued brother of Samus. Created by Gunpei Yokoi alongside Metroid, Kid Icarus on the NES got a Game Boy sequel, just like Metroid, but where Metroid went on to grow as a franchise, taking some time off during the N64 era, Kid Icarus and its hero Pit was largely forgotten by modern Nintendo.

Pit’s forgotten no more, though – After resurrecting Pit for Super Smash Bros Brawl, Masahiro Sakurai went on to create Kid Icarus: Uprising, the first game starring Pit since 1991. Two levels of the game were on show at Nintendo Amsterdam’s Nintendo 3DS Press Launch – and we went on hands with both of them.

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Herminator2550d ago

"Pit is, in many ways, the undervalued brother of Samus."

That should be a weird Christmas dinner.

Ayer992550d ago

Wow, the graphics are terrible.

Sidology2550d ago

It's still in its early stages! The finished product will undoubtedly look better.

Karuto2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

It's always been substance over style for Nintendo. They're not looking to great the next great entertainment medium. That's why they always lead, and others follow... well, it's been that way since the Wii was released, anyway.

StbI9902550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

LOl aye, I believe that comes after seeing the NGP?, this game's not about graphics tho.

Not that interested in this games, just saying.

Ayer992550d ago

Thanks. I was worried there for a minute.

SpoonyRedMage2550d ago

It looked awesome when Sakurai demoed it.

Not the best video but still...

sakuratsuji2550d ago

I am WAY too excited for this damned game to say the least. Pit was a completely awesome character that should have never been forgotten. But getting him back, well, that's all that's important.

gumgum992549d ago

Looking forward to this game. Its looking very good.

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