C&G Monthly Re-Reviews Two Worlds II

Malcom X once said “You can’t drive a knife into a man’s back nine inches, pull it out six inches and call it progress.” While it may be uncouth to relate the civil rights movement to playing Two Worlds II it’s a quote that encapsulates everything wrong with the game. Two Worlds II is much improved over its universally detested predecessor, but not nearly enough to call it enjoyable.

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mobijoker2483d ago

This is the only review of TW2 below 60.The same reviewer gave it 30 in his first review.Still, 35 below metacritic.The other one showing 55 is just the mistake of n4g submitter.Actually that is 85 in the review.I wonder why it hasn't been corrected as many are mislead by the score.

Heartnet2483d ago

Hmm i have imported the game ages ago and i found it alot more user friendly.

The Control scheme has nothing wrong with it as this reviewr has obv a bad memnory (LOL)

Game is awesome and anybody who loves rpgs will like this game :)

JsonHenry2483d ago

I like this game! (on PC) I don't think this guy played the game for more than an hour.

theIMP2483d ago

I am also really digging this game. It is the kind I game I really like, so I don't think its for everyone, but after all the reviews I was really surprised how good it looks. I guess I am just easily impressed, but I also think gamers these days are way to spoiled. I've been playing since the Atari days, and it still blows my mind how far gaming has come since those days.

phantomexe2483d ago

Yea i don't think so on this review. The game is way better then he is given it. I bet half of the people that do the reviews didn't play it for a hour.

Ghost_of_Tsushima2483d ago

I'm so confused as to if this game is good or not due to the reviews any help from anyone who has played it or knows about this game more than me?

Bolts2483d ago

Watching some youtube videos of this game will tell you everything you need to know.

Raendom2483d ago

Follow Fanboi's advice but make sure to watch past the first hour or so of the game.

Game is absolutely addictive. You progress in a really nice and steady way, crafting = best crafting in any RPG? I think so. Magic = best magic in any RPG? ALMOST (certainly better than Oblivion's but I do like BG or NWN more).

Bascially if you're a huge RPG fan... get it. Don't think twice. You'll love it. If not... give it a rent but play past the first island and try to progress through chapter 1.

mobijoker2483d ago

About magic and crafting you are spot on,man!
For rpg fans its a must buy.1st island is slow,but its for teaching you the ropes.Once you get outta there,the game opens up.It should be given atleast 8.0.

theIMP2483d ago

Cool, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who appreciates this game. The crafting system it amazing, I haven't gotten into the spell crafting to deep yet, but if it's half what the item crafting is I will be happy.

Neckbear2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Aside from other replies, I can only say the following:

While the game has its fair share of bugs and technical issues, as well as some flaws here and there, it's about exactly what'd you wish for an open-world RPG to be.

Been playing as a Mage on the PS3 version, and holy fuck, it's pretty damn great. There's an awesome sense of exploration, the combat's pretty good, and the magic system is simply awesome.

Don't doubt, just get it. Give it some time, and you'll simply love it.

zero_cool2483d ago

This game isn't getting a fair hand shake it at least deserves a 8.0 it's nice a sized game with plenty to explore & do.

Tex1172483d ago

I'm also getting a kick out of this game.

A great way to tide me over till DA:2.

Its charming in a "B" Movie kinda way.