A Tale of Two Richards, day 4: Galaga

This is Day 4 in the Bandai Namco Mystery event. As you can tell from the title it's about Galaga, but hey if you haven't heard about this mystery event yet, you should be really happy to know the first game in the puzzle was Tales of Graces F

If you'd like to look at the past images easily just goto
then change the last names

I personally tried all those fruit names from the first day, but they hadn't uploaded them yet, so I'm pretty sure their only doing it day by day so it might be a waste to try other fruit combination's early, just a heads up.

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Razgriz2728d ago

Oh, please, stop this nonsense and announce Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces F already.

Redempteur2728d ago

i dunno why but i want to kill the one you had the WONDERFULL /s idea for annoncing this .. Sure it keeps people talking about the event ... but if it's NOT something worthwhile .. there will be consequences .

256bit2728d ago

i guess they are going to announce new TEKKEN,PACMAN and all their other franchises besides the tales games.

Lavalamp2728d ago

I really does look like there will be multiple announcements on Wednesday. Hey, if at least one of these announcements involves Tales coming back to the west, you won't be hearing any complaints from me.

Cajun Chicken2728d ago

This must link in with the next Namco Generations series digital download game. After all, Pacman CE DX was amazing. Galaga huh? Hmm, wonder if it'll be as good as Square/Taitos Space Invaders Infinity Gene?