Headix - casual and non-casual free flash web games for the whole family.

Headix is a platformer with action and puzzle elements. Its a unique and fun game for all ages and the whole family.

Living in a village was fun and peaceful until something went horribly wrong with the local wizard. Its up to you to get to the bottom of the problem by going up to the top of each level, fighting against obstacles while trying not to harm your fellow villagers. Local wizard have done something unknown to all of them, but his spell did not work on you, for some reason. Whether its just luck or faith, you are the only one who can restore everything back to normal. Villagers don't seem to recognize you anymore and they will attack you on sight, but since these are your friends and relatives, you should find other, non-violent, ways to save them. It is not known what wizard did with the village and what surprises lie ahead. All you know is that your villagers are behaving strangely.

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