Xbox LIVE Free Weekend now working

Although it was officially slated to begin yesterday, many gamers reported not being able to sign in or play online during the free weekend. Everything seems to be working fine now (except in the UK where it had to be canceled).

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Yi-Long2852d ago

... XBLA has been giving a bunch of problems this week, with disconnects and the service only being 'half' available.

I'm guessing that's also the reason why MS skipped the free weekend for now, cause that's not how you want to advertise the XBL-experience to people who aren't yet a member.

Firstkn1ghT2852d ago

And full of problems :)

*Goes back to my smooth and free of cheating Black Ops game* ;)

littletad2852d ago

Good one there Firstknight. Miss the open zone for these kind of things.

ActionBastard2852d ago

Firstkn1ghT lives in Wonderland if he thinks "my smooth and free of cheating Black Ops game" on 360. Hahaha. Miss those PS3 console bans huh?

the_best_player2852d ago

@full of problems

What problems lol?
Like the Halo wars stats getting deteted?

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multipayer2852d ago

Is the crysis 2 demo unlocked now? I tried yesterday and it was still a gold exclusive... I don't have any other reason to log on, matchmaking sucks...

Xander7562852d ago

I'm pretty sure you won't be able to DL the Crysis 2 demo as a Silver account using the free weekend.

RedDead2852d ago

They said we would be able to. C2 is part of this free weekend thing

Neko_Mega2852d ago

Lame, it should be called "Free Online" and not Xbox Live Free, what a total rip.

It doesn't effect me because I got half a month left of gold before I'm done with XBL (or until I get a copy of Halo Reach again).

SolidMGSnake2852d ago

So stupiid.. got a little excited about this just to try out Crysis 2. Oh well.. from what I hear the demo is pretty unstable and from the videos Ive seen, the gameplay doesnt look all that great either.
Least Killzone 3 multiplayer will be free to try out soon.

Neko_Mega2852d ago

Crysis 2 is fun, but good luck getting into a game and not getting drop. Other then that I think I might buy it.

Xander7562852d ago

I've never been dropped out of a Crysis 2 lobby. It is hard to FIND a game but once you do you're good to go for the night.

gamingdroid2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Halo: Reach/Black Ops was better than Crysis 2 in my opinion. However, it had it's moment. Worth a try though.

I significantly enjoyed Bulletstorm a lot more. It had great humor to boot!

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