NGP: A Monster In Your Pocket

Yahoo! Games writes: Sony’s new ‘NGP’ (next generation Portable) is set to supercede the PSP and will surely stretch the boundaries of what’s possible on a handheld gaming device. Alas, it might stretch your pockets too. Perhaps in more ways than you might expect.

We note that Sony is keeping suspiciously quiet on the question of NGP’s price. However, with all that technology onboard – touchpad on the rear, 3G connectivity (on some models), graphics that are four times sharper than the PSP, a trio of motion-sensing accelerometers, GPS functions etc – it’s hardly likely that it’s going to be cheap. But quality comes at a price, and if you can afford to splash the requisite cash you might want to invest in some trousers with a bit more storage space too.

You’re certainly going to need it, as this graphic (courtesy of demonstrates. In straightforward terms NGP is an absolute beast of a handheld. At 182mm (7.1 inches) in length it dwarfs its PSP predecessors and is alarmingly mahoosive in comparison to the iPhone, (volume-wise, more than three times the size).

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tunaks12876d ago

"Monster In Your Pocket"
i though this was an article about pokemon lol


Its a mini ps3.... U mmight as well call it a ps3 in ur pocket.