IGN: SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALS Details

"SOCOM 4 is the latest in a series of third-person shooters about US Navy Seals that Zipper Interactive has developed over the last decade. It follows a five person team as they go through Southeast Asia, fighting insurgent forces. The series is known for being a tactical shooter, and its multiplayer has garnered a large fan following."

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redwolf2703d ago

this will be fun with move

norman292703d ago

Whens this out? and is it solely online?

gameforall2703d ago

Single campaign with online

AndrewRyan2703d ago

Single campaign and multiplayer. This game looks really fun IMO. Looks like they are going more of a cover based CoD, which I like since the last SOCOM was pretty bad. IGN said themselves the game plays a lot different, they also said the move works well with the game. 32 player multiplayer modes are pretty high considering this is a console game. (Please don't mention MAG, it's pretty unbalanced and the multiplayer doesn't look very good due to the sheer amount of people playing, I prefer 32 or 64 people multiplayer.)

AKA2703d ago

Plus 5 players CO OP Online for the whole campaign and that is epic!!!

plenty a tool2702d ago

looking really good! but ive never played a socom game before and this will be my first.

but can someone confirm what is the fire button on the last socoms. the trigger or the bumper?

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Joni-Ice2703d ago

I wonder what the reviews will look like. Some if not all Socom game recieved so so scores. The funny thing is the games were rated amazing by the players. To this day I still play Socom 2.


Just another game to add to my ps3 collection this year :)

kanetheking2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

lol you was bashing it in another what is with this change of mind because you thought it was a fps -_-

-X-2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Is it only 5 game modes or the game modes that have been said so far?

If its just those game modes than I really hope they add Breach (which im guessing is the unknown game mode) Escort, and Extraction. My favorite game modes in SOCOM 2 and 3 was anything with hostages. SOOO much fun!

blahblah2703d ago

i wonder if any of those is like elimination in UC2, single life deathmatch. if it is i can just hope there will be no n00bing like in UC2 (and other games) where n00b skills (awareness) and n00b weapons (rpg,m32) completely ruin the experience. instead of cautious game you find people running and gunning just like in ordinary TDM.

rescue in mgo was the nearest to the game mode i'd call perfection for my taste (when we played and ignored ga-ko), until they started fixing the game and made it unplayable. breaking knife, making insane assault accuracy where you could hs across grozny grad with ak easier than scoping with svd, stupid and childish new skills... not to mention being unable to turn off voting/chat by default and having 1/4 screen covered with nonsense

socom 4 is one game really hold my breath for. i just hope i won't be disappointed


''The series is known for being a tactical shooter, and its multiplayer has garnered a large fan following.''

That is what I like, Tactical Shooter.

Bits-N-Kibbles2703d ago

Expect a clusterf*** in standard respawn games. (MAG 3rd person view). Classic mode only plz.

If you want a good opinion on this game head over to

Joni-Ice2703d ago

Socom 4 has classic mode which theres no respawn.

Bits-N-Kibbles2703d ago

Why do you think I said "Classic mode only plz."?

Schism202703d ago

This game is gonna be awesome it appears zipper is catering to both newcomers and the hardcore. In classic mode the game goes back to its roots with the no respawn, no health regen, and no cover mechanic. I WANT THIS GAME SO BAD!

ChristianGamer2703d ago

Agree with health and respawn, however on cover mechanic seems a bit archaic

Esena2703d ago


I agree, I love me so no respawn type game modes but cover in a 3rd person shooter should really be implemented.

Bits-N-Kibbles2703d ago

I am very sad to see this phrase. That's like saying the past 3 SOCOMs were respawn and health regen. The phrase should be more like "they changed all of the structuring to appeal to the COD general audience and threw "Classic" in so its fan base wouldn't be entirely pissed off."

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2703d ago

Yeah well MGO has respawn and i wouldn't call that a COD tps, it can be done.

cyberwaffles2703d ago


all i know is that they better have breach, escort, and extraction in the game. i don't care if it has to be DLC, but it better be in the game. to see zipper add in the "classic" mode as though its some kind of placeholder appetizer for socom fans is a bit upsetting to see, but i'm just glad that there will still be no respawn, no cover, etc.

also i think 8v8 is the best. unless you can coordinate a team of 16 players the way you want, i don't see myself enjoying the 32 player matches.

Bits-N-Kibbles2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Its not a COD tps, its a MAG tps. I stand by my argument and the arguments of all the people that know what makes SOCOM, SOCOM.

Also, no cover means no lean or peak. And say good bye to pistols and hello to two primaries... COME ON ZIPPER!

blahblah2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

as far as i watched socom 4 videos. there is cover mechanic, there is just no blindfire shooting which kinda doesn't even belong in tactical shooter. the only cover dynamic i'd really miss would be grenade tossing. that one is the only realistic use of cover beside hiding

correction: lean and peak would be missed:( but i hate blindfire

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