Weekly Sales Analysis, 22 January 2011 - LittleBigPlanet 2 Debuts

"Overview – Hardware does drop for a fourth straight week, however sales are starting to level out as the drops is a lot smaller (-4% to -16%) than the previous three weeks. The PS3, Wii, X360 and DS are over 200,000 and the PSP is over 100,000. The Xbox 360 passes 51 million this week after it was adjusted down in sales slightly each week for the last few months. When it comes to software Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP) reaches the 4 million mark, as four games debut in the top 50 this week with LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3) debuts at number one. No games sold over 500,000, the top two sold over 200,000, the top seven sold over 100,000 and the top 21 sold over 50,000."

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GodofSackboy2877d ago

GAMES will push the PS3 over the top eventually...3 killer games will sell loads of systems:

Uncharted 3
Killzone 3

They WILL shift consoles.

DualConsoleOwner2877d ago

those are amazing titles.

I mean you are missing about 8-9 other PS3 major titles this year. Ex. Infamous 2. Last Guardian and etc.

but yea, those quality titles are enough reason for people to buy PS3...

i am guessing its jealous fanboys giving you disagrees...

Legion2876d ago

I am guessing it is people who don't think that those titles will make THEM switch console, maybe?

I like how he put WILL in all caps. He sold me with that great convincing quip.

Nothing we haven't heard since the PS3 came out. But I am sure it will happen in 2012, along with a certain apocalyptic event that should be following?

Close_Second2876d ago


Don't believe he mentioned anything about switching consoles. I dare say the majority of gamers that get the other console keep their existing one so they get the best of both worlds.

Ifone2876d ago

All real gamers have already switched, or have both...since best exclusives, 3 years in a row (see metacritic article of the day) are for ps3, 2012 will probably be the same...

Legion2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )


"They WILL shift consoles." shift or switch the verbiage and phrasing is close enough to imply his intention. That people will choose to switch from playing their usual console and start playing the PS3 because of these games.

I have owned nearly ALL consoles (and I do mean nearly ALL) at one time or another. Given MANY away to those I felt needy. And gave up on those that I felt where lacking when I decided to lessen my footprint during my retirement move.

The only true old console I still have is the Sega Saturn due to some games that I still enjoy!!!


Best exclusives is subjective. I have plaid MGS4 on PS3 and hated it. I am not a fan of the MG games since old school days. I hate the GT series... always have. God of War... never cared for the style of play. LBP doesn't interest me... LAIR had me thinking... until I tried it. :( (love dragons)

Heavy Rain drew an intial interest but glad I didn't go there after finding out it wasn't much more then a button pressing, doesn't make a difference what action you take type of game.

My friends are many previous PS3 owners. Some still have it... (they spend way too much on Blu-rays) but most have switched to 360. And yes I gave one friend an extra 360 I had. (he was tired of not finding good online competition on PS3... his words not mine) and was tired of hearing our rants of nightly matches on 360. He is a previous Halo hater and now an avid Halo worshipper.

To each their own... but PS3 has not got what I want yet. And I don't see it in the near future. Maybe NEXT generation? If they finally get a good controller that is!!! (note opinion only)

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cobpswii36002876d ago

I love how people spam Disagree like it matters. Poor bots.

hellzsupernova2875d ago

I agree i also think that steam coming over to ps3 will move consoles.

ChristianGamer2877d ago

@ #1 Lbp 2 released already and ps3's actually sold less on that week. Not a console shifter

sdtarm2877d ago

are you stpid? or you dont know we come from a holiday season?

after high amount of sales from the holiday season is expected to be a great reduction altho its true that LBP would never ship as much as KZ3 or UC3 its still a great addition to a platform that just keeps getting better and better

FailOverHero2877d ago

Was the week before LBP 2 release part of the holiday season?? Because more PS3's were sold on that week than the LBP 2 week. Just admit it, it is NOT a console shifter. Nobody that bought a ps3 in that week would have changed their mind if lbp 2 wasn't releasing.
Very mature calling somebody stupid for pointing out facts.

AkidzukiYoujiro2876d ago

January is never a big month for console sales regardless of what gets released. LBP2 has long legs, LBP1 started off real slow but 6 months later many people were buying its bundle with the PS3.

Ifone2876d ago

But Sold better than most the time.
Lbp2 or others goty pretender are condole shifter, but only to some degree, it's not like a price cut.....every real gamer who know lbp2, already have a ps3.

MultiConsoleGamer2877d ago

Utterly fictional sales figures.

Legion2876d ago

This type of article brings out the Masses of low bubble people.

Projekt7tuning2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@ Legion
That made me laugh . Thanks, it been a crappy morning. +1 bubble for you. lol

Close_Second2876d ago

The biggest thing that will shift consoles is a price cut or new SKU. The PS2 was so successful as the slim form factor and price cut made it accessible to a wide consumer base. The PS3 is still not priced for the mainstream.

I'm still undecided about KZ3. The visuals and multiplayer look splendid but the single player has me concerned.

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