New Game Releases: 1/31 – 2/6

RipTen: After such a big week this week falls a little flat. Sure there is the Dungeon Defenders multiplatform release for Xbox Live, PSN and the PC. Breach finally gets its PC release. And Kevin Van Dam Fishing might be a little cooler if it starred John Claude.

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CrzyFooL2547d ago

Jean Claude Van Dam fishing!? SOLD!!!!

So does he like pull the fish in the boat then roundhouse kick them and shove a grenade in their mouth the get the hook out?


Stunt2547d ago

Movie announcer voice: "Jean Claude Van Dam is back in the same crap you've seen over... and over.... and over again!"

plb2547d ago

Never underestimate Van Damage! He really surprised in JCVD!

CrzyFooL2547d ago

Yah it took a documentary about how fucked up his life is to get him to act decently. lol

-Mezzo-2547d ago

Nothing here that interests me. =[

Stunt2547d ago

Oh shit. Dungeon Defenders is this week!?

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