British Mom Downloads Ten Billionth Apple App

Botchweed: "Apple is sitting pretty right now with over ten billion apps downloaded. The ten billionth download was a free app called Paper Glider, where players direct paper airplanes on gusts of wind, and it was downloaded by Gail Davis."

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Kran2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Congrats to her. Not sure if the title should say British Mom (I understand on your nationality) or "British Mum" to make it sound right. I dunno. Your choice.

I wonder what she'll do with the gift card o.O

@EddyD o.O Interesting :P

EddyD2878d ago

Actually the site is British, but the guy who wrote it is American, go figure!

RedDead2878d ago

...I call her my "mah"

Kran2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Bet theres somebody out there who calls their mother "Meh"


thebudgetgamer2878d ago

her storage device must be huge.

HmongAmerican2878d ago

read the article. she didn't download a billion times. she was the ten billionth customer who download the app.

Kon2878d ago

Damn, i thought she downloaded the app 10 billion times.

Dsnyder2878d ago

Kind of impossible lol.

Lou Ferrigno2878d ago

i thot she downloaded 10 billion apps lol.. i was WHAAA THEEE FFUUUU?

Shani2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

sell the gift card on ebay for 12000 dollars. I bet there will be people buying it at that price.

SSKILLZ2878d ago

Lol i think I completed that last game she downloaded I passed through the moon and you end up back in the city

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