Microsoft on PS3 Home: "Sony will struggle"

Sony has announced at the Tokyo Games Show that their interactive online service Home, currently in closed beta, has been delayed until Spring 2008.

At an Xbox 360 games preview event Pocket-lint caught up with a nicely placed Microsoft executive to try and find out the Sony rival's thoughts on the news, and whether Home would pose a competitive challenge, when it eventually does launch.

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dresden3981d ago

Go back repair your console sh*t...

Capt CHAOS3981d ago

like facebook I think I've had it compared to, well, Sony can keep it.

Since I signed up on facebook, it's getting more and more irritating..

I do however they do manage to clean up the interface a bit more on the way there. The 360 one is a right pain to navigate, me thinks.

Capt Chaos trying to upset both camps..

3981d ago
Honeal2g3981d ago

You should be Band for Being Ignorant.

First of all Microsoft did not insult sony at all they merely stated that they think sony will struggle. Secondly 100% defective?? ignorant..

"why is MS still talking.
rather than repairing defective consoles they are trash talking."

oo ok so since he started speaking everything else is put on hold ?? Gotcha it all makes sense (sarcasm Fyi)

no games? u keep saying 360 is failing around the world When In Reality its just Japan. it may take years but it will happen.

Dannagar3981d ago

Since the Playstation 2 has been released, I've already gone through 4 systems. Can anyone say "Disc Read Error"? Almost everyone I know has gone through at least 2 PS2. I didn't see Sony doing Jack $hit for their customers. As least Microsoft has my back for 3 years.

SlappyMcTaint3981d ago

Until M$ can fix their own console problems, they need to STFU!! Videogaming was never as nasty as it is now -all because of M$'s sh!t-talking.

F.U., M$ !!

D3acon3981d ago

I would just like to address the comment "Sony will struggle" its a competitors response. Its an empty statement, what will Sony struggle with? What details of their game 2.0 seems likely to fail? This is how I know that there is concern from microsoft that this is something they haven't planned on offering to their consumers. You usually go into some detail rather than turn a phrase and think its a real response.

Anything worth doing is going to take time and effort, if they have to delay Home till the spring to respond and address to their consumers wants and needs, then so be it. I'm actually a beta tester and I do see the potential, I've experienced Home and I've filled out numerous surveys and suggestions. If they can offer a service that is functional as Live and then expand upon it with a community interface then what's the problem. Its good to see that innovation has not been killed by the status qou of other companies.

Innovation is one key thing that the japanesse market does well, that's why their products are sold around the world and they have the best tech. I honestly believe that microsoft is at a glass ceiling with the 360, I can't really imagine another version being released that will be a major improvement over the brand 360. Nintendo is a good product and knows who its market is, that's part of the reason it has sold so well. However, Nintendo needs to expand its genres and realize their is an internet and people do use the internet to play other people online.

SlappyMcTaint3981d ago

How many more years are you gonna bring up the PS2, when this is about PS3 and the 360?!! Get over it. Move on. The 360's reliability is Zilch, Nada, 0% -as said by M$ themselves. They've said there is an unknown defect in EVERY 360 out there, hence the extended warranties. Even though PS2 had problems, it was nowhere near what the 360's rate of failure is.


Dannagar3980d ago

SlappyMcTaint, I own a video game in Albuquerque New Mexico called Gamers Anonymous and I've seen first hand how many defective Playstation 2's are out there. Non the less, if the issue is about Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360, then you have nothing. Xbox 360 has your system beat. It's all about hardware and software sales. Xbox 360 continues to out sell Playstation 3 world wide in both area's. Your system is a distant third.

Don't get mad at me because your system of favor is doing so poorly. It's not my fault that no one whats the Playstation 3. You can stop calling people retards and just enjoy your Xbox 360 hand me downs.

SlappyMcTaint3980d ago

LOL. M$ is ahead of PS3 now, but they're already in 2nd place behind the wee wittle Wii. 1 year from now, the PS3 will be #2 behind the Wii, and 360 will be in 3rd place. Besides, Japan has resoundingly rejected the 360. So has Australia, and most of Europe is catching on, because they don't take kindly to shoddy, American-made electronics that burn up and scratch discs for no reason. The only market that will continue to grow for the 360 is the US, and even that growth will stagnate after Halo 3 comes out.

But, unlike so many other people here, I don't get off on spouting hardware sales figures. I like to play games on my bulletproof PS3. I also enjoy watching Blu-Ray movies and jamming upscaled audio cds, as well as SuperAudio surround cds and DTS multi-channel audio cds -all on one system -no add-ons.

sloth4urluv3980d ago

first of all microsoft wouldnt be the only comapny talking sh!t.
and second upscalling audio dosnt do anything, same as upscaling video.
You do not magicaly gain any detail by upscaling it, things aret actually like in the movies where they take a blury picture, zoom in on it, and press a button and it magicaly becomes clear with new details that werent there before.

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Nameless3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

OMG go back to Waiting Beyond on your Delaystation 3.

witchking3981d ago

Sony's new motto: Just Wait.

Of COURSE the MSFT guy is gonna say mean things. But he's likely right. Sony's online strategy appears haphazard when compared to an integrated, centralized structure like Live. That doesn't mean that Sony's won't work; it's a different model, and one we're not used to, so it'll take some time to get accustomed to it... and in the meantime, everyone will compare it to the well-oiled Xbox Live... which also struggled in the beginning.

SJL4803980d ago

The wait thing is pretty funny if I put on my fanboy goggles and completely ignore the fact that I bought a next gen system to play next gen games and all I got after 2 F*ckin years is gears and bioshock and a bunch of xbox 1 games and I have a system less than 1 year old with heavenly sword and lair hmmmmmmm something to think about cause if the system that makes us wait a few months wins it sets the standard and if the system that makes us wait a year for anything next gen wins then they set the standard. It would do you good to remember this if you're any kind of gamer. If your just a bot of one system or the other then carry on

spasticjustice3980d ago

I'm not a rabid fanboy or anything, but how can you say that about the 360? You're forgetting games that may not have been the biggest hits but still entertaining. Table Tennis for one was a very fun game. Dead Rising, another fun game, Oblivion. Not to mention games that are not out yet, like Skate, Halo 3, Mass Effect. I know these aren't all exclusives, but they're still great titles, even on both systems.

SJL4803980d ago

Fair point spastic I'm just saying going to the next gen isn't about sales or games library to a hardcore gamer it's about games that couldn't be done last gen and increased quality of games. People just throw credit at MS like they've really been showing something since launch. I just think that putting out a system and not pushing what it can do for such a long time is ridiculous. I can't wait for halo 3, Mass Effect, and Too human. Then I'll feel like next gen competition has begun. I know ps3 games don't push the system yet but you have to admit they couldn't have been done last gen.

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AliC3981d ago

"Lots of people complained when we launched Xbox Live about our rigorous standards, but it has meant that now we can offer a complete service that works every time, for everyone."

So I take it when they came to design the 360 during a lunch time those rigorous standards must have gone out of the window since there is a reported 30% of consoles going to the console heaven in the sky.

Seems like a little jealously there.

witchking3981d ago

The topic isn't hardware failure rates; it's online. Xbox Live is an integrated, centralized structure for supporting online play. It's been around for like 5 years, so there's a lot of experience involved in it. Sony's structure is not centralized, nor integrated, and while they had online play in the last gen, it was severely limited. Sony will struggle to get their online strategy off the ground and accepted, as delays like this only further show how difficult it will be for them to catch up to the lead MSFT has in the online space.

Gil3981d ago

What exactly would they have to be jealous of? The PS3's sales numbers? ....NO.... Maybe the PS3's software library? ....No again... The PS3's attach rate? ....nope... I know, they are jealous of that PS3 game that is launching in 5 days whose preorder numbers are around 4-5 million. Oh wait, that's not possible that's almost as many PS3's that have been sold in 10 months. I thought I could figure it out, but I can't. I have no clue what they would be jealous of.

wageslave3980d ago

"reported 30% of consoles going to the console heaven in the sky"

Where did you pull that out of your arse? Total fabrication. Complete FUD.

Why dont you provide some substantial evidence of your bullshit? How about some reputable sources to back up your crap?

I mean really, how can you expect people to take that seriously. Go away fanboy.

Premonition3981d ago

What else are they going to say "Home is pretty cool and its a step in the right direction as a future online feature where it grabs gamers attention to interact like never before?" Nope they will downplay it till the end.

3981d ago