N4G February Contest Details: Win a PS3 or 360

The contests for February have a new one thrown in - Loyal Reader Lottery - which is why you're seeing this post before the first of the month. In order to be eligible for the Loyal Reader Lottery, you have to visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period in the month of February - and you can win a slim version of either PS3 or 360.

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thebudgetgamer2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

i could sure use a new ps3 since mine stopped reading disks.

Istanbull2700d ago

Only America or also Europe?

Cat2700d ago

If you follow the link to the blog there's details for each contest, and none of them are limited to the US/NA!

TheColbertinator2700d ago

Thats great.I'm sure one of the persons who wins this contest is an N4G veteran and I'm always glad to see rewards given to those loyal to this site

iPad2700d ago

I would get a 360 because I'll get it for free and I dont have one.

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The story is too old to be commented.