Opposing Force 2 Demo is Ready For Download

Opposing Force 2 is a total conversion source mod. It is an unofficial sequel to Gearbox Software's Opposing Force.

RazeTheWorld has the Opposing Force 2 Demo first. Head over to pick up a copy!

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ATiElite2878d ago

Seems like everyone can make a half Life mod quicker than those guys who are taking FOREVER to make the Black Mesa mod.

Sure I'm being a prick right now but it's only been 8 years.

freakinglogan2877d ago

I know man... lol... I bet there will be a Deus Ex remake out before Black Mesa is here!

SuicideShaun2877d ago

Looks cool, downloading now.

Darkfocus2877d ago

fuck yes! I can't wait for operation black mesa either...and of course black mesa but that looks like it'll never be released at this rate lol...