Ace Combat 6 - TGS 07 Trailer

Ride into the danger zone with these blazing fast weapons of the sky.

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sak5003836d ago

If i had not played the demo i would have thought that these were all cutscenes or playbacks. THIS IS NEXT GEN DOGFIGHTING IN THE SKIES RUNNING AT 60fps eat your hearts out fonyfanatics. Compare this with your lair and warhawk.

G_CodeMonkey3836d ago

Sweet, sweet on-line from Ace... Counting the days--Halo3 will make the wait tolerable. gCM

iMad3836d ago

I played demo too. And never played this type of game before. And i like it! Hello from Russia. There is XBOX territory here. PS3 DX9 console - last gen console. XBOX capable run DX10.