Top 5 Racing Games released on XBOX 360

"Our selection of the top 5 racing games released on XBOX 360..5 DiRT 2 – DiRT 2 uses a combination of five different racing types, from Rally (public roads) to Trailblazer (hill climbs)."

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Tinasumsum2393d ago

Does this make sense to you guys? Top 5 racers to be released on the 360 when most of these games already came out.

Parapraxis2393d ago

LMAO, oh wow.

Another way you would have realized your mistake Tinasumsum, would be if you actually read the article!

Tinasumsum2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

The story was edited what's so funny? Fail? LMAO

Fail is thinking I would waste my time posting what I did without cause. The story said: Top Five Racers To Be Released On the 360.

" Another way you would have realized your mistake Tinasumsum, would be if you actually read the article!"

Another way you would have been mistaken is if you were using your head about what could have been going on when I typed the comment. But no your PS3 fan hate and vengeance made you temporary dense.

Parapraxis2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I have both a PS3 & 360

Honestly though I'd rather have this so-called "PS3 fan hate and vengeance" leave me temporarily dense. Rather than being afflicted with a state of perpetual density.

Tinasumsum2393d ago

You guys pwned yourselves. The article was changed.

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RockmanII72393d ago

Burnout Paradise is overated, Revenge was much better.

2393d ago
Raven_Nomad2393d ago

I liked Forza 2 much more then Dirt 2, I guess they didn't want to put two Forza games on the list.

Firstkn1ghT2393d ago

Love me racers. My top 5...

1. Forza 3
2. Project Gotham Racing 4
3. Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit
4. Blur
5. Burnout Paradise/Split Second

gamerz2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Anyone with a 360 should try one of the most overlooked and best 360 racing games ever: Race Pro.

Realistic physics, competitive online racing (all cars in the same class are even), ridiculous number of tuning options - an absolute gem if you enjoy simulation style racing. You can probably pick it up for $5-$10 used.

Kon2393d ago

I have Race Pro, fun game.