MGS4: Soldier Massacre and Streetside Shootout Gameplay Videos

Sometimes it's just simpler to rely on Snake's arsenal of heavy firepower instead of sneaking around.

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HeartlesskizZ3926d ago

he better not go online with those skills

darkvenom3926d ago

whoever is playing totaly sux.

Honeal2g3926d ago

this is gonna be soo sick .... the A.I scares me a bit seems tooo dumb but hey its not done so thats no bigy i can't wait for this and rumble support i will be picking up my ps3 hopefully priced at 399 :) and this game!

randomGuyOnline3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I'm pretty sure the A.I was dumbed down for the demo, and would be much more difficult in the final version. Also, if you look towards the top left corner of the screen you can see Snake's health bar and when he's just about to die -- it regenerates. The player has over 20 rations in the demo(bottom left corner of the screen), allowing them to get shot as many times as they want. If they had no rations during that fight you better believe that it would've ended pretty quickly. So I think it's safe to say that the A.I. was dumbed down, allowing the press to get a better feel for the game, without dieing over and over.

To post below: I never said it wasn't on God mode. Why the disagree?

Mu5afir3926d ago

Stop being newbies, look at the video.. do you realize how many times this guy (playing snake) died?

hazeblaze3926d ago

Whoever was playing obviously had NO idea what he was doing....

But I'm still completely blown away by just how good this game looks!Hopefully, I'll have a 50" by the time it comes out :-). Great time to be a PS3 owner though.

Kleptic3926d ago

yeah its always frustrating to see that the people that actually get to demo these games this early...usually suck so hard at the game that its almost hard to watch...

That guy simply had no clue whatsoever...couldn't pan the camera correctly (which I heard is a new feature for MGS4)...couldn't switch weapons correctly (which looks to be identical to MGS1-2)...and should consider a new profession altogether rather than ever try to throw a grenade again...

where do they get these people?...

Capt CHAOS3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Looked like invulnerability mode was enabled..

Does MGS have FPS mode or is it strictly 3rd person only?

Satanas3926d ago

The guy has like 20 something rations equipped. But man, (s)he sucks, can't get away with that in MGS normally. The player has probably never played a stealth-action game before.

The game itself looks great. The AI will likely be tweaked but as always they'll still kill you if you just blaze through the game getting alerts all the time.

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The story is too old to be commented.