PCN Review: LittleBigPlanet 2

Sackboy leapfrog's his previous game in LittleBigPlanet 2, how much better is this game than the last? Read on to find out.

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ithappened2878d ago

Its a great game but the graphics aren't great. they are shit compared to BO or DS2

gaffyh2878d ago

Sorry what are BO and DS2?

Tommykrem2878d ago

I wouldn't say LBP2 looks like shit compared to Black OPS. I mean, Dead Space 2 look great. I personally think LBP2 is at least in the same class, but I can see that you think Dead Space 2 looks as good as LBP2 or better. I can however not see how you can say that LBP2 looks like shit compared to pretty crappy looking Black OPS. Are you kidding? Black OPS? What TV are you playing on? (Actually LBP is one of the games that are most dependent of a good TV)

multipayer2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Black Ops and Dead Space 2 are just using unreal 3 and some old call of duty engine... I think LBP2 can easily compete with that, you won't see better looking textures in those games.

I did get the impression LBP1 had a more clear and crisp picture though, probably because they piled on the effects and now the framerate or something takes a hit. Same could be said for Dead Space 1 and Modern Warfare, I hate late console lifes.

gaffyh2878d ago

Thought so, but this game isn't really competing with those two in terms of graphics lol.