TGS 07: Never before seen FFvXIII Screens

A forum member of forums has managed to find the first new screenshots and footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII since December last year.

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Trick Nolte3925d ago

Wish there was some photos of actual game play though.

Jen5en3925d ago

This'll have to do for now. Though the FF series have never appealed to me, I believe this title will save the PS3 in Japan.

Kleptic3925d ago

FFVII and MGS on the original playstation were probably the two games that made it the best imo...GT was great too, and I was a rabid Twisted Metal/Warhawk/Jet Moto fan when the system launched...but FFVII is still one of the greatest games of all time imo, as well as MGS...

but both franchises on the PS2 didn't do it for me as much anymore...I simply refused to start all over again on a FF game, learning all the new magic stuff and everything else...just had no desire to do it, no matter how pretty the graphics or great the story...and MGS2 was so confusing I just didn't enjoy it as much as the first one...however MGS3 was a very welcome change, that really got me back into the story and everything...

anyway, my point is I agree with you...FFXIII will be big in both Japan and the will MGS4...MGS4 is a must buy for me, but still undecided about FFXIII...Oblivion was the first huge RPG that I played through and enjoyed since maybe I have the patience again to get through the next FF...

Quicksilva3925d ago

I would be so frustrated if I trained for years to shoot accurately only for my first time shooting someone they have a magical sword energy thing around them so that not one of my bullets nor the rest of whole armys bullets land a single one.

Followed swiftly by my demise. Life sucks...

Quicksilva3925d ago

thats FFXIII

This game is Versus XIII

360RULEZ3925d ago

Disappointing ...

sony droids wont play this game before 2012

Imalwaysright3925d ago

Xbots will NEVER play this game

Coffin873925d ago

rofl :) how true.

(sry i can't add anything constructive to this.)