Killzone 3 to Grace the Cover of the Next Skewed and Reviewed Magazine

Skewed and Reviewed have revealed that Killzone 3 will grace the cover of their next magazine. The magazine will also feature stories on F.E.A.R. 3, a summer movie preview, as well as game and movie interviews and travel stories when it releases in March.

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Computersaysno2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Gamesmaster U.k mag apparently has given it a 77. Subscribers have their magazines now. I am sure this news will spread quickly.

RIP_Weazel2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

...and Edge gave Killzone 2 70%, and I loved seven shades out of that game. It means less than Fu*k all until we get a balanced consensus, and even then I figure it'll be horses for courses.
I'm still there day 1 with my cash.

beavis4play2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

i couldn't care LESS what mags and sites have to say in reviews.....good score or bad - reviews are just one persons subjective opinion.

feb. 22, i'm in front of the tv all day playing KZ3 and putting my thumbs into as many helghast eyes as possible!

edit: ps3bestever - i'm looking forward to resistance3 too and think it could be just as much fun - but right now it's all about killzone!

BLACKBOIJONES2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

@ps3bestever.......Try not to get to over hyped.I know this game will score very well but dont get to over hyped.

Any way no matter what review this game gets im still buying it. I do not buy games based on reviews,i will rather play the game my self and judge my self.

ps3bestever2702d ago

@ BLACKBOIJONES: I do not Hype. I just say the truth. Killzone 3 is actually biggest FPS of this year.

GRIP it my friend :)

Garethvk2703d ago

I played it at PAX and the multiplayer Alpha so waiting for full game for the review.

chidori6662702d ago

Killzone 3 is My most anticipated FPS 2011.

cant wait.

dalibor2702d ago

Same here. The melee combat looks gruesome. I'm trying to limit my FPS's though, already have a good amount. I must get some more RPG's and Twisted Metal to spice my play style up. I like to game on every genre possible. I hope FFVersus will be good and WKC2. If I play one genre for to long I get bored so I try to mix it up.

SSKILLZ2702d ago

Can't wait ! Oh and don't for get to download your map pack from slurpee reward it's 10 reward points

Kee2702d ago

And this is news how?

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