Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo 3DS

The next generation of handhelds are coming. And Technical World is keeping you updated with the latest information. Nintendo has released tons of information on their newest system, the Nintendo 3DS. This is a compilation of all the news that has been released for the 3DS so far.

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eagle212610d ago

The line up of games murders the competition...don't forget Mega Man Legends 3 and Proffesor Layton vs. Ace Attorney (see the trailer)...good lawd. :)

jellybalboa2610d ago

unfortunately the psp2 has stolen its fire! what a shame ay!

AWBrawler2609d ago

that is only on this site. Everyone is still buzzing about 3DS

matey2608d ago

What u dont understand is 3DS does tesselation/advanced shaders/DX10.1 graphics/3D squared ect its called Maetro 2G this is incorporated in Picca200 to make a custom Picca200 that does more than ps3 gpu as ps3 can only do DX9 same as 360

Samus HD2609d ago

and mario kart 3d I think is missing

Cosmo8112608d ago

Let's be honest here..

Mario Kart 3D, Ocarina of Time and Metal Gear Solid on their own are amazing release titles. Add the titles that have been confirmed to be released further down the line (like Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney).. NGP has no chance. I mean, Uncharted looks insane but I'm not sure what else it's gonna have.

Plus they're totally different markets.

matey2608d ago

wait 4 Crytek to show there 3DS hand as they said its super powerful and are interested in maybe slamming cry engine and crysis2 on 3DS