Sony's official NGP announcement video hits the web

Sure, you followed along with our Tokyo liveblog and breathless posts announcing Sony's Next Generation Portable (codename: NGP, get it?) successor to the PSP. But nothing's quite like viewing a video recorded 48-hours after the event to give you a true feel for the historic event... historic to nerds like us anyway. The power is now in your hands -- use it wisely to watch a thrilling three-part trilogy after the break.

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Istanbull2549d ago

The Nintendo Got Pwned looks so sexy!

AntoineDcoolette2549d ago

I fondly refer to it as the Nebraska Gay Pride personally.

meetajhu2549d ago

I just can't wait for PSP 2 but still 1 year more :(. Guess i need to get a ticket to Japan for holiday

blumatt2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Can't wait To get my hands on the NGP and play some Uncharted. All the new features are awesome! I'm also glad they updated the interface for the NGP too. I liked the XMB on the PSP but a new interface helps once in awhile. :).

Pillage052549d ago

Looks sexy. The only thing I'm a little disappointed is that they didn't add l2/r2 triggers/buttons. I really wanted it to double and a ds3. Yeah it has the touch screen on the back that could probably double as l2/r2 but its not the same ya know.

nycredude2549d ago

That would make the thing too thick. I like the slimness of this device.