PlayStation Suite Is The Ace In Sony's Portable Strategy

PushSquare: "I’ve had a few days to analyse the reaction to Sony’s NGP announcement this week, and I’ve been overwhelmed by how much positivity I’ve read. People seem to get it. The PSP never quite delivered on the “portable console experience” because it was hampered by restricted, unwieldy and uncomfortable control inputs. Some developers came close to delivering the vision, but it just never felt quite right. No-one can out and out disregard the notion of portable console experiences because none of us have experienced it yet. The NGP brings with it control mechanics that will make the original PSP’s vision a reality — dual-analogue sticks and their implications on game control should not be understated. The infamous “Monster Hunter claw” springs to mind.

"While I’d argue blind that console experiences can — and will — work on the NGP, I think some critics are overlooking the other key component in Sony’s mobile strategy. It’s natural that a concept statement and flashy market...

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ComboBreaker2703d ago

"but but but Android doesn't have games..."

StbI9902703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

LOL, With this I believe, androind users have another score ahead of the Iphone, least sony will suport iphone? naaah.

plb2703d ago

Apple wouldn't allow it to begin with most likely.

Silver3602703d ago

who cares about playstation suite at this point. That damn NGP is smoking hot I want it now

sashimi2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Sony cares!Google cares! I agree with your second statement!
OT:Also omgomgomg i just saw Epic showing AA and Post Processing on the NGP during the announcement and i could not believe how good it looked, i swear i can't believe how far portable gaming has come since the original Gameboy days.

sinncross2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

You should care dude. :)

This means that games like PS1 Classics and Mini's can flood the Android market giving the smartphone some viable source fo gaming before another studio gets in on that.

IT also means that the PS Brand and some of its games circulate in a growing and viable market.

Long term prospect is getting people to move to the NGP device if they want to increase their gaming capabilities over what they play on their Android phone.

In fact, PS Suite is actually an extension of an initiative Sony started some time back to help Indie developers by publishing their titles but allowing the devs to retain rights over the IP.

Smaller developers will no longer have the PSP and PS3 market with their Minis titles, but now the Android market too. This can increase developer support for Sony, especially smaller devs who may nto mind integrating or at least being independent but associated to the Sony brand like Sucker Punch.

Ultimately, this could mean more games for you :)

ComboBreaker2702d ago

Just because somebody have a NGP doesn't mean they don't care about their smart phone anymore.

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ABizzel12703d ago

PlayStation Suite, is nothing but straight cash. The PS1 games will be the best games available on the device and Sony will be making straight profit from them.

SpartanPrince2703d ago

PS suite can open up ngp to the type of simple iphone games(and they should be reasonally priced). That right there would make ngp a sort of psphone and psp2 all in itself

winlonghorn2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I agree 100%. Sony is on to something here. I already preordered my NGP for that exact reason! They didn't have it together with PSP and that is why I basically skipped it.

Blaine2703d ago

Only reason I skipped PSP was because it only had one analog stick. Safe to say the NGP offers what I want, and more!

Axecution2703d ago

Im pretty sure nowhere is accepting preorders on the NGP yet considering theres not even a name let alone a price. xD


No not just simple games, as Smartphones get more advance the games for them coming from the PS Store will be bigger and better. It may start off with small games and also PSOne titles, but I can guarantee you that in one year that will change in to a mix of both core and casual games.

I don't think Nintendo realises how big this is, but then again Nintendo has their own market.

SpartanPrince2703d ago

i didnt say that it could only do simple games-its obvious that it can do more. I just said that that the touch screens would open it up those games

StbI9902703d ago

What about two year from that year you thought out there?

Even psp games will be playable, god of war CoO on an android?, what about 5 years from now? NGP games on android? sony won already.

metsgaming2703d ago

they say that ps suite works with android apps, but the psp2 has a touch screen and looks that it will have apps of its own. Will we be able to run android aps on the psp2 even though its not an android device ?

supremacy2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Well i can see this working, just needs a lot of support. Google and Sony have gotten together on numerous ventures in the past year or so, so this is to be expected.

The newer phones will start arriving by years end and a good percent of the kids will end up getting one of these phones and thats where PlayStation suite comes in.

Highatus2703d ago

What a well thought out piece.

Brings up alot of very good points.

I'm pretty excited about what's in store for ngp.

Also brings to mind the article that was here quite some time ago on sony getting feedback from devs for their new console...maybe ngp was iT?

Scottyabanks2703d ago

Regarding the article itself: I actually feel smarter after reading it. Very, very well written. As that does not happen often.

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