Bans Impacting the Used Console Market

A feature article that closely examines the punishments being handed down for cheating, tampering, and disruptive behavior in games like Halo and Black Ops, and the impact that the mass-bans have had on the used console market and retailers like GameStop and EB.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2703d ago

Yeah just buy new, i dont see the point in buying used. It's uncertain if it has problems and if you buy from Ebay it wont have a warrenty

Commander_TK2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

U don't c the point? It's cheaper. I bought a used PS3. (I can c the PS3 fanboys crying now for not giving Sony that sale).

beavis4play2703d ago

i'd never buy anything but new when it comes to any electronics.

xAlmostPro2703d ago


although i love how this is only coming to light and being said now that sony are mass banning cheats etc -_-

webmednet2704d ago

Must suck for anyone buying one of these from ebay

Kon2703d ago

Damn, this article is 3.320 words long... Don't have time to read all.

HolyOrangeCows2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

But you had time to count how many words there were?!

Yea, yeah, you put it through MS word or something....still. You took the time to do that AND post a pointless comment about it?

Kon2703d ago

Put the words in MS word and commenting didn't take much as read the entire article.

Rudy_loves_Akuma2703d ago

id be angry if i was a consumer to these "used systems" that why i always get em new lol

P1NKY2703d ago

A very long article. Does that store clerk know what he's talking about or was it just a mistake?

(Right at the very bottom)

"We have accepted a few PS3's in the past few months that it turned out were banned from the Black Ops servers, and one that was banned from Halo..." Eh? Halo isn't on PS3.

RankFTW2702d ago

It was still banned though!

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