How much are the Dead Space 2 pre-order DLC codes worth on eBay?

A quick look at how much the Dead Space 2 pre-order DLC codes are worth on auction sites like eBay.

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ScubaSteve12850d ago

not again, this is why they SHOULD BE IN THE GAMES

Superted20072850d ago

Im thinking I am just gonna pre-order two copies of every big games with DLC in future..Sell the game and the DLC back to someone and it could probably pay for the copy I actually want.

GLoRyKnoT2850d ago

No need for 2 copy's just spend a lil-xtra on collectors ed. (if applicable) & sell everything but the game. Cuz when it comes down 2 it, what the hell else matters. Let ppl collect their landfill XD

Red_Phoenix2850d ago

21.50 for the rivet gun? I have that gun from the gamestop pre-order bonus and it absolutely sucks! The only thing its good for is killing yourself with the unpredictable ricochet it sends out.

Red_Phoenix2850d ago

Seriously, try killing one necromorph with that thing on zealot difficulty. You could empty the whole clip to its head and use the second ability with it not even falling to the ground. Google the rivet gun and you'll see the forums of how under powered it is.

BakedGoods2850d ago


Good call, never tried it in single-player. Multiplayer though, it seems decent. Very accurate, and after a few shots do the alt-fire for multiple rivet-ricochet.

VenomProject2849d ago

You'll pretty much get raped in Zealot mode with the rivet gun, I haven't even touched it in Hard Core, force gun FTW.

Aclay2850d ago

Completely agree about the Rivet Gun. I used it only 1 time to kill a Necromorph and when I got to the very next Store Location I swapped it out and haven't used it since. I wish we were able to at least sell the gun at the Store for Credits because it's pretty much useless to me.

LightSamus2850d ago

Are people that impatient that they can't just wait for the inevitable release of the items on Live/PSN for free or really cheap?

SSKILLZ2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I wonder how much cash I can score by selling my.24 hour 2xp killzone 3 code $$$$$

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