TGS Metal Gear Solid Online Gameplay Videos

Straight from the the TGS show floor. This game rocks.

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SmokeyMcBear3658d ago

HAHA the guy just turns into a box and walks away

PlayStation3603658d ago

It's like he's saying "I ain't getting in the middle of this, I'm outta here". Man, I want to play this game. :)

HeartlesskizZ3658d ago

Great game but poor players

ps3FTW3658d ago

Did those people ever played a FPS? Really they suck.

Mainman3657d ago

This ain't no FPS, this is MGS.

SonySoldiers3657d ago

One thing they need to iron out is textures. The colors is still kind of bland, even a little bit muddy.

TheXgamerLive3657d ago

They have sooo much work to do. The robotic movements of snake the horrid colors and weak textures, and very very bad AI. Environments show some potential but GRAW 1 and 2 is sooo much better than this game.

Don't waste your time on it unless it's greatly improved. Buy GRAW 2 instead.

Marios0073657d ago

what are you talking about AI?? a multiplayer. you dont even know what your saying

PlayStation3603657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I'm afraid your mistaken Xgamer. This is a multiplayer only game. The bad AI you speak of is in fact real gamers (I didn't say they were GOOD gamers :P).

nanometric3657d ago

*drrrrrrruuummmmssss* XGAMER!!!! Congratulations, tell us how do you feel now, when you won this award? :D

TheXgamerLive3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

My statement still stands, you'd understand if/when you see the single player vids, the AI is ridiculous.

Mainman3657d ago

The bad AI is because the demopods at TGS are set to easy.
The movements look awesome. There is only one move, in which Snake reloads, while crouch walking. That looks weird, I hope they will work that out. But everything else is just awesome.

After I saw, MGS4 trailers and gameplay, I lost all taste in other games, because the quality of this game makes all other games insignificant. Just my oppinion.

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