Microsoft won't punish Argos for breaking Halo 3's street date

Microsoft will not penalise Argos for releasing a small number of Halo 3 final boxed copies to the public a week before the official release.

Neil Thompson, senior regional director for the UK and Ireland at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division, has told he is satisfied that the occurrence was not malicious, and that it was a genuine mistake which the retailer has gone to great lengths to prevent from happening again.

He added that he was pleased other retailers hadn't used the slip as an opportunity to break the street date themselves, and warned that any company doing so intentionally could expect Microsoft to withdraw its support.

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sticky doja3685d ago

Good to know Microsoft won't punish people for mistakes.

ynneknimajneb3685d ago

Some type of fine needs to be implemented here. Halo is the largest franchise owned by microsoft, and it seems that no one cares that the biggest money-maker on the 360 has already had its plot revealed to hundreds of thousands of people. I've seen videos of level that I didnt know existed, and the game dopesnt come out until next week!

sticky doja3685d ago

I haven't watched any type of Halo video since I knew the street date was broken. I don't want the plot/levels to be ruined for me. You made the choice to watch said video, knowing it could contain spoilers.

Daxx3685d ago

You're a great example of how people these days blame their mistakes on other things and people. You had a choice not to watch the videos and not to read the plot.

SabreMan3685d ago

we all make mistakes then you should tell yourself

" you didn't have to watch the video "

you ruined it for yourself no one else did

Karebear3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

<sarcasm> I for one welcome our benevolent Halo 3 dispensing overlords... </sarcasm>

stonedog3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

hype machine for halo 3 its all good for marketing, it is just viral marketing and cheap publicity