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Comparison assets demonstrate just how close these games look. There are actually two galleries to peruse this time around - a dual-format PS3 and 360 selection along with a triple-format offering that also includes the PC game.

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SnakeMustDie2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

According to EG, both versions pretty much performs the same. The only things that makes the PS3 version superior is the lack of disk swapping, surround sound and another game called Dead Space Extraction is included in the disk.

Getting this game on PC. I've already played Extraction on the Wii

kharma452878d ago

What's the PC version like? I was tempted to get it on PC as it was half the price of the PS3 version but after the first game on PC and it's problems like being limited to 30fps, keyboard and mouse lag, I decided not to go for it.

SnakeMustDie2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Haven't got the PC version yet. Just got LBP2 and I'll get DS2 about a week from now.

I heard about that DS2 is similar to DS1 on PC because of the 30fps lock. If you have problems with that, just use force v-sync on your Catalyst Control(ATi) or Nvidia Control Panel so that it runs on 60fps. It works on the first DS and it will probably work on DS2.

imvix2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I havent bought dead space 2 yet. However i did buy dead space 1 from steam at 10usd like last year. however I am only playing it now.

I have it running on 3 screens(5760*1080) in Nvidia surround. Runs at an average of 200fps maxed out on my rig.

Like Kharma said you can diable vsync in game and enable it in the ATI or Nvidia control panel, works great specially with Mouse keyboard.

ct032878d ago

There is only lag in Dead Space 1 if you enable Vsync in the game options. They somehow messed this up.
Enabling Vsync through the graphics driver works fine.

Darkfiber2878d ago

PC version has controller input support so just use that. I heard it has a lot of bugs though...

IaMs122878d ago

Playing the PC version right now maxed out with everything looks awesome, not a very heavy game to run if you look at specs too.

Theres a little mouse lag but not NEARLY as bad as DS1 and if you hook up your PS3/360 controller its awesome.
Ive found no bugs yet, but im also probably only half way through the game, either version will be awesome to play.

WhiteNoise2878d ago

PC version

It is not limited to 30 frames, the in game vsync is glitched, use vsync through NVCP or CCC.

Keyboard and mouse is awesome in dead space but it supports gamepad, just like the first.

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coldfoot2878d ago

Same graphics, same framerate, however the PS3 version is a single disc, includes higher quality sound, and also includes the Dead Space Extraction game. 360 version is on 2 discs, no freebie extraction game, lower quality audio.

I'd say PS3 wins this easily.

callahan092878d ago

Why exactly would anyone disagree with you on that?

karl2878d ago

dead space 2.. really is on 2 disks? for 360?

El_Colombiano2878d ago

Karl, my question exactly. What on earth? That *really* sucks.

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SkylineR2878d ago

Yeah both look identical, which is good.

Does installing the game on 360 eliminate the disc swapping?

DelbertGrady2878d ago

I doubt it. The 360 needs to identify the disc in order to run it.

Drcherd2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I tried to do that trick but nah its lame. it would of been nice. -______-

yeah I wonder how the pc version looks like.

gillri2878d ago

have all systems

PS3 version for me!

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