Catherine Demo Mixes Block Puzzles, Anime, Romance, Horror | Wired preview


I hate to use this construction, but Atlus’ Catherine is a wacky Japanese videogame.

Forgive me! But I don’t know what else to call a game in which the main character, sporting ram horns, carrying a pillow and wearing boxer shorts has to climb up a stack of boxes to escape his nightmares. Or one in which, following those nightmare scenes, you watch elaborate anime sequences following the main character’s daily life and sexual escapades.

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rezzah2876d ago

This is why it was so hard to figure out exactly what kinda game it was. With all the wide ranges of genres mixed in together along with the great story this game is going to be something very unique.

Vitalogy2876d ago

Well it's really really weird that's a fact XD but i do like the animé style init. I'm kinda curious about this game.

Keith Olbermann2876d ago

Is the demo available to download on psn??

Soldierone2876d ago

Yeah, Japanese PSN i believe.

BLAKHOODe2876d ago

i downloaded the demo off the japanese PSN and all i can really say is the cut scenes looked nice. otherwise, i didn't know what the heck was going on. i don't speak japanese, so i didn't understand the story and all i did in the game was move blocks around and climb a pyramid. the demo satisfied my curiousity - so, mission accomplished there. but i'll stick to my english speaking games.