Epic Killzone 3 SP gameplay footage is mesmerizing

PSB: We have some Singleplayer gameplay footage from Killzone 3, Guerilla's upcoming shooter and it's simply awesome.

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cyborg2879d ago

can't wait to get my hands on this

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BARF2879d ago

cant wail to play kz3. i have been playing the beta on botzone ever night for the last few weeks. i am ready lol.

AndrewRyan2878d ago

I don't know about you but I found it didn't stick to it's original Killzone feel. Like sure the story and characters are but just the gameplay feels more COD then it does Killzone. Then again it's probably good since the PS3 COD is a disgrace.

MerkinMax2878d ago

Last video I'm gonna watch now.

Spydiggity2878d ago

and i have to agree with andrewryan. game felt like COD.

i also didn't find it to be visually impressive. it was VERY visually busy...but visually busy =/= good (unless you're a fanboy apparently).

badz1492878d ago

"visually busy =/= good (unless you're a fanboy apparently)." you do know that opinion = stupid, right?

BARF2878d ago

kz3 does not play like CoD. STOP IT. it plays like kz3 period.

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Roozium2878d ago


Crysis. And that shit came out 3 (soon 4) years ago.

theonlylolking2878d ago

Crysis does not. Cant you PC gamers admit that crysis has been beat? The only reason a PS3 cant run it is because of the big world it would have to render in real time @ those ultra high graphics. GG says killzone 3 has huge SP story mode level maps and the PS3 can run it but the maps are nowhere near crysis's size BUT killzone 3 has better graphics.

kharma452878d ago

Na Crysis is still yet to be beaten.

KZ3 is nice but it's still no Crysis.

Spydiggity2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

can't ps3 fanboys admit they are blinded by their fanboyism? of course how hypocritical is it for you to expect anyone else to do what you can't possibly accomplish.

and yes, crysis still beats far. and crysis doesn't cut corners either. every console shooter has to cut corners to achieve visuals that are even close (eg. heavy post processing, things in the distance aren't actually there, non-destructibility, limited color pallet, etc..)

and it's not just crysis either. farcry 2 and bad company 2 both look better on PC than any console game as well. if you're a console only gamer, you're playin in the wrong generation. sorry to be the one to break this to you.

oh what's the point...n4g has long since stopped being a site for a gamers and is just a place for people that will only EVER admit a game is bad if it's on a system other than ps3.

m23452878d ago

Spydiggity : you claim that ps3 fanboys are blinded by fanboyism and yet you make a fanboy statement. bravo, good for you.

can't we just admit that both will be good and play games? no, that's too much to ask, right? only on n4g do we have these stupid fights.

i'm getting both. i win.

rockleex2878d ago

Crysis 2 on consoles prove how weak the Crytek team is.

All they can do is rely on high spec PC's.

They can't optimize as good as Naughty Dog or Guerrilla Games.

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TerrorCell2878d ago

Thereaperson I know I used to Benin love with kz2 but now I realize all those muddy textures and bad animations made it really look rather bad

starcb262878d ago

You have my avatar! D:<

peowpeow2878d ago

Now he has your nose! GET HIM!

TerrorCell2878d ago

Actually you have my avatar. You know the one I haven't changed since I joined in 2007

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cobpswii36002878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Why do you people nit-pick games? Games are meant to be fun, yet you PC/360 fanboys insist trolling the shit out of Ps3 exclusives. WHY? God forbid we be excited about games. Nitpicking games you will never play because you don't even own a Ps3... WTF is wrong with you people?!?!?!
Killzone 3 is gonna be epic, and judging anything from a 10 minute youtube video is RETARDED!!! Go play Halo or Crysis, or something...

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worm20102879d ago

Shame about the audio in this vid

SnakeMustDie2879d ago

This is probably a flashback because Rico is still bald and their suits are similar to KZ2.

danthegardner2879d ago

Or.....gasp. This part is right after KZ2.

SnakeMustDie2879d ago

Yeah, there is also a possibility that this is one of the "earliest" parts of the game.

hobo512878d ago

its right after the secound game, as u can see the games telling u wat to do through totourials, like gurrella says, the killzone 3 starts right where killzone 2 left off

eterry2879d ago

im sure its early in the game because there is kinda of a tutorial goin on either way tho i cant wait to play.

MarcusFenixITA2879d ago

Brings FPS to another Level. I'm ready!

MarcusFenixITA2879d ago

you again ... come on man let us enjoy games.

DeathMetal14742878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I want you to enjoy your games, it just looks like more of the same that is all. Im sure the multi will be good, but the campaign looks average. Just seems really overhyped.

LunaticBrandon2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

It is like I am watching any other military FPS being played. All the hype is exclusivity. Its incredibly bland looking. The gameplay is really mindless. All you have to do is walk forward and shoot, no tactics necessary.

Ifone2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Another generics and dumbs comments from 2 desperated fanboys multi account without games that can compete with best games of this gen, like kz2/3.

Downplaying the best things, games, hardware, Help them probably to enjoy more inferiors gzmes znd hardware, but stop trying to lie to others, most of the real gamers know the truth.

visualb2878d ago

"it just looks like more of the same that is all. Im sure the multi will be good, but the campaign looks average."

to YOU

going to every KZ article and b!tching about it hoping others will react thinking it makes a difference just annoys people.

no one gains with you going on about how generic YOU think it is

+ you don't even look like your going to buy this game, why even bother comment?

you like attention?

sure, I go into Blops articles and b!tch because its a serious matter that affected people beyond a subjective manner (broken game, bad service, ect)

but why are you herE? what did KZ do to you? is it all the PS3 fanboys saying it looks better than crysis? is that what hurt your feelings?

ignore them

just give it a break you sound like you have a grudge against a game = an inanimate object

the saddest grudge a person could ever have.

redsquad2878d ago

Except the OPM review says exactly the opposite and that "just walking forward and shooting" will get you killed.
You can fire from cover in this game for a VERY important reason: That's how you survive.

ComboBreaker2878d ago

DeathMetal1474: "Whatever guy, go enjoy your lame Killzone game, because I have no friends."

OooSheeet2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

To visualb - He is entitled to express his opinion, just because it's different to your's does not give you the right to make immature personal attacks!

What does it say about you if you if your ego is so fragile that you can't stand anyone disagreeing with you?

Holeran2878d ago

Obviously you have not played it. Til then keep assuming it won't be any good and when you do get a chance to play it then it will change your mind.

rob60212878d ago

@OooSheeet It's not about his 'fragile' ego, It's about a lot of us knowing what his intentions are posting that comment. He's taking part in a smear campaign against a game many of us are very excited about and want to see succeed and his declaration of poor quality in the game is baseless. Generic is a very vague descriptive word you can put on 90% of the games out there - he can't tell us why because he doesn't know how to. His reasoning isn't descriptive at all. 'campaign just looks average' - 'it just seems like more of the same' that doesn't explain why it would be called 'generic.' If it's more 'killzone' that doesn't make it like every other game on the market. If it's average, why? I'm sure there's plenty of us on here ready to explain why it's more than average. Everything he said can be said about any shooter out there. If I had to guess, I'd say his words were chosen about how he 'feels' about the game and the platform it's on, rather than what the game is actually like.

People want it to fail so 'their game' can be liked more by the masses (in his case it's PC gaming and Crysis). The 'entitled to voice his opinion' argument is just a sad way of not realizing we're all marketeers in our own way. Questioning someone's intentions is fair game if they can't back up their arguments.

BX812878d ago

@DeathMetal1474 Yeah it's overhyped. I'm getting it day 1 but to say KZ2 had a great story is stretching it by far! KZ2 looked great but that was about it, the MP was a bunch of spawn camping. Shhhh don't tell the truth in here though, you'll get the disagree police after you.

Hozi892878d ago


"just give it a break you sound like you have a grudge against a game = an inanimate object"

You sir are very ignorant to think that a videogame is an "inanimate object".

Inanimate Object;
Def: Lacking the quality or ability of motion; as an inanimate object.

Yes, if you think of it as just an object(Disc or Cartridge)in a physical sense it will be inanimate, but we're all looking further along. Every Videogame out there has a form of animation in it.

But I agree with everything else you said.


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