Marvel vs Capcom 3 New Screenshots for Mystery Characters

It was recently announced that Sentinel and Hsien-Ko would be playable in the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3! As always Capcom 1st release a whole mess of screens (Totalling 20!) to show off the two new additions to the roster.

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Tony-Red-Grave2669d ago

no vergil? go f*ck yourself T_T

SasanovaS19872669d ago

whatever the roster number, consider the addition of about 10 more through DLC. kinda figured out capcom by now :/

Michael-Jackson2669d ago

I might as well wait for the super version to come out.

evrfighter2669d ago

wow they look to damn shiny. borderline plastic like. couldn't have hurt them to add some detail to their costumes =\.

Michael-Jackson2669d ago

No one wants Vergil! besides the minority, he will just be a Dante clone.

I like the roster because it's diverse, the thing I don't like about it is Capcom adding characters that no one wants like Shuma Gorath, Modok and Hsien-Ko.

disparage2669d ago

A lot of people want Vergil, and you've obviously never played DMC if you think he's just a clone. They're twin brothers, that's all...they have totally different fighting styles. For example, Verg doesn't even use guns.

radphil2669d ago


Did you play Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition?

Tony-Red-Grave2668d ago

wheres a faceplam for the ignorant

SolidMGSnake2669d ago

You know you could just change Weskers costume- his alt one is exactly like Vergil DMC3. I know it isnt the same.. but hey at least they did that.

RockmanII72669d ago

I'm surprised Hawkeye didn't make it because he isn't very well known and he is going to be in the new Avengers movie. I thought it would have been a good idea to get him in this game to make him more well known so when the movie comes out people would be more excited about him being in it. But whatever.

maniacmayhem2669d ago

I'm surprised theres no Ms Marvel, she played such a great and major role in the Avengers last year and is such a great character.

I would like to see more obscure characters on Capcom's side like Legendary Wings, Trojan or even Section Z

liban-ali2669d ago

For all you hoping on other characters, I'm sure they'll probably come through DLC. Also visit their Youtube Page for matches featuring Sentinel and Hsien-KO.