PlayStation Suite Could Support Other Platforms

Andriasang: Sony Computer Entertainment CEO discusses Sony's new cross platform initiative.

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darkdoom30002726d ago

I donno, doesn't seem like something apple would do.

The suite would only be avaliable on sony certified products. I don't see apple bothering to do that.

and they've never really liked games.

MultiConsoleGamer2726d ago

Totally disagree. I also feel you're out of touch with the new portable war.

darkdoom30002726d ago

I fell you're out of touch with the business side of things.

If the PS suite does become successful, putting it on Iphone will reduce the value of their sony android phones. It would be a solid bullet point for phones, and android sorely needs a solid gaming platform. Apple couldn't give a sh!t about gaming on their Iphones, they've publically disliked it.

The only reason sony would need to put it on Iphone

It's sorta like making infamous, uncharted and other IPs go multiplatform.

joeorc2725d ago


"The only reason sony would need to put it on Iphone

"It's sorta like making infamous, uncharted and other IPs go multiplatform."

How so, think about this you still need this "Playstation Suite" to run these games that are playstation still does not mean it's Multi-platform because without the Software you cannot run the games anyway. this is like turning every platform into a Playstation. reguardless of who makes the Hardware!

Apple would be able to get the Iphones Hardware certified to run this Playstation Suite to run more games they get a lil bit of the income stream it would be in the iphone market. and the end user get's to play Playstation Games without haveing to buy Playstation Hardware.

Since Sony still makes 1st party games they are going to make games such as uncharted exclusive to only Playstation Hardware. So no it's not like other platforms are getting all playstation games. they are getting quite a bit. PS1 games are first an Indie develper's can get their games certified to be a "playstation suite" game if they want.

Hardware is not what this is mainly about, yes it plays a role for min spec's required and what the target processor speed and GPU speed an functions are able to do. but it's like Windows OS but for a single "platform for developer's" to make their games for it if they want.

Thats why Sony went with the Arm core processor as the choice, you do know Microsoft is also supporting the Arm Core design for the new Windows 8!

the "playstation suite" could even run on that version of Windows! just like VAIO computer run the Windows OS!

but instead in order to get their new 1st party games you
would have to buy a playstation NGP, it still so happens to play the "Playstation suite" games also