Can playing video games lead to emotional cheating?

Emotional infidelity as it relates to video games is a topic that isn’t really discussed in the gaming world. In fact, I was unaware that some people considered playing video games with other people a form of cheating until a few days ago. Video games are a fun way to relax and a great way to bond with friends, and some people use it to bond with their significant others. When you play video games with other people, when does innocent game play become not-so-innocent flirting?

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mightyboot2702d ago

Yes if you lack personality.

JsonHenry2702d ago

Ummm... this article is very disturbing that someone even had to question this. Let alone take their time to write it out.

LightofDarkness2702d ago

No, dishonest and irresponsible people lead to "emotional cheating." Lame article is lame.

SuicideShaun2702d ago

Well, I can see where the guy is coming from. But would a girl mind if a guy spent hours on hours playing a game with another girl? I'm sure she would. I wouldn't mind my girlfriend playing games with other people, I mean I would like to be included but when it comes to the thought of them spending a lot of time with another man is when it gets scary. Think of it this way. Think instead of gaming, they were going to a movie. I mean wouldn't you feel kind of odd if your bf/gf was going to movies with the opposite sex alone? Or going to dinner? etc. By saying video games you are making it seem innocent but in the mind of someone who truly loves their significant other it can seem like a scary thought.

Ravenor2702d ago

Except she's sitting in the room with you, playing a video game. Your examples aren't in any way similar. Be more paranoid.

SuicideShaun2702d ago

Well they don't have to be similar in an open mind. But when someone is jealous they do tend to act paranoid.

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The story is too old to be commented.