SOCOM 4: New Multiplayer Gameplay Video

Here you can see a new multiplayer gameplay video of Socom 4 as well as some new screenshots of the maps and the game in action, hopefully you will like it.



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Ps_alm3k2454d ago

omg, can't wait to play this and killzone, best year eva!!

Istanbull2454d ago

This reminds me of summers in 2003, 2004 playing Socom on PS2, no killstrak choppa guns, no noobtubers, no call of duty problems, good times! :)

bennyace2454d ago

Does anybody know how many maps will be included inthe game? I hope a lot more than confrontation.....

Army_of_Darkness2454d ago

But they should have used the Killzone 2/ or Uncharted 2 engine to make it stand out above the swarm of TPS/FPS....

RowSand2453d ago

10 maps from launch tthey said..there will me more

bennyace2453d ago

RowSand...Thanks man, appreciate. It would be awesome if maps from Socom 2 were included. To me, it's still the best one!

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ArchangelMike2454d ago

It is just me or do the death animations seem abit... lifeless...!


yes thats why its called death......and people dont fly back whem they get shot in real life they just slump to the floor contrary to popular hollywood belief.

ShAkKa2453d ago

I think they look awesome.

Trroy2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I have this wierd feeling you didn't even watch the video.

The deaths in this game look WAY better than the superquick crumple-to-ground garbage in most shooters.

TKCMuzzer2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Stop it Sony will you. I'm getting tired of all this great games coming out, what do you think the PS3 is, a games machine?

Seriously, great stuff, this is on my wanted list.

Why would you disagree? Has it really got to the point where internet users don't recognise 'sarcasm'. I give up.

awesomeperson2454d ago

That highway type map (didn't remember the name D:) looks awesome to me :D

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The story is too old to be commented.