Catherine Demo Quick Play HD [GigaBoots]

Dan and Bob from dive into the extremely metaphor ridden demo for Catherine on the PS3. The demo is Japanese so thank God there is some english commentary on this because otherwise you’d be just as lost as they were.

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HolyOrangeCows2700d ago

Extreme stairmaster with text bar interruptions and lengthy cutscenes? Awesome!

Legion2700d ago

The english voice over on the video makes this the better of the videos I have seen for this game. good find.

despair2700d ago

played through the demo last night and its good to get some context to the story since I had zero idea what was going on. Creepy as hell though and fun. I hope there is more than just moving boxes in gameplay but the story seems compelling.

Neckbear2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

"I hope there is more than just moving boxes in gameplay but the story seems compelling."

Well, as far as I've seen, it looks like the game will grow to be more complex as time passes; adding stuff like weapons, enemies, boss fights and traps to the mix.

But yeah, I think that, with the right length at least (As in, what Atlus themselves said the game would last, around 15-20 hours), Catherine would be more than worthy of a buy when it comes overseas.

I really liked the gameplay, and the story looks pretty damn interesting. Moreover, the music was awesome (YO YO YO) and the graphics look pretty good, too.

mightyboot2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

And still i dont understand this game.

Sometimes things just dont make sense.

TheObserver2700d ago

Japan's major export is WTF. It is normal that you don't understand.

Lirky2700d ago

This game is about a guy struggling with the paranoia that theres a girl maybe in his head or real that he fantasizes about over his long-term girlfriend.

The gameplay you pull push and climb blocks in a platform style but also the gameplay i think takes place in a diner at times u maybe can roam around to talk to ppl or pick up items.

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