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Games developed by Atlus are well-known for their special brand of weirdness, and Catherine looks to follow in those footsteps pretty faithfully. That being said, it also brings some pretty interesting elements to the table. A demo for the game was recently released on the Japanese PSN and Xbox Live markets, and it is rife with all of that great Atlus-esque weirdness we’ve all come to expect.

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femshep2875d ago

one word AWESOME

now they need to announce us release

JsonHenry2875d ago

Yes, my wife keeps asking me about this game. I'm still not sure what it is. Looks like soft-core anime pr0n to me.

mightyboot2875d ago

Your wife wants to play that´s good.

mightyboot2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Definitly a game that feels fresh unlike the generic stuff im used to see every year.

Personaly i dont like a game that involves improving social skills with other characters but as long the gameplay requires a brain that´s good enough for me.

femshep2875d ago

your a terrible person then......and for the persona's the only way to get stronger besides leveling up is the social links they were critical to the game

mightyboot2875d ago

Were talking about a game not a life stupid

femshep2875d ago

derp Persona is a game and a real game unlike call of duty

smashman982875d ago

haha owned

persona is sooo awesome
plus bubbles femshep

Hazmat132875d ago

can anyone explain this game to me? everytime i see a pic about this game there always a slutty chick on it. lol

smashman982875d ago

its an awesome ggame about a guy who does it with a slutty chick and starts having nightmarres

Soldierone2875d ago

Pretty much the jist of what i got from all the post. Dont forget the fact he is scared of comitment.