IGN: Dead Space 2 Second Opinions

IGN: One week ago, IGN gave you its official take on Dead Space 2, a third-person adventure about Isaac Clarke's crappy life, and it was penned by me, the Internet's Greg Miller. Well, believe it or not, I work with a bunch of people who love to play video games. Rather than take my word for how awesome Dead Space 2 is, they actually went and played it for themselves.

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femshep2700d ago

yeah first opinion - awesome
second - F**K'n AWESOME

no other is allowed

Omega Archetype2700d ago

I like that format of Second Opinion even better then the original. Hope they keep it that way!

Maybe they could do one that is voted by users too?

schlanz2700d ago

Daemon Hatfield is such a ****ing tool.

Blacktric2700d ago

Greg Miller and his girlfriend Kristine Steimer are the toolest tools you'll ever tool.

deafwing2699d ago


I enjoyed the last ??*)*(#*$ in the .... more. But yea, this game was great and a good way to end this duo-logy.

there were some choice sequences that will be talked about through the year ...

Rhezin2700d ago

haha agreed. The game is f!cking stellar. I hope there is a Dead Space 3 and 4.

Quagmire2700d ago

Im hoping for a Mirrors Edge also. The first Dead Space was lackluster in terms of sales, yet EA warranted another release, which proved successful.

Hopefully Dead Space 2's success will persuade EA to release another ME, I know I will buy a copy.

stuntman_mike2700d ago

his grammar was all wrong in that article lol.

Mr Tretton2700d ago

ugh, I thought I had my gaming budget on a lock down, I might have to add this one in though

egidem2700d ago

IGN is really trying hard to rebuild their reputation, but they are still IGNorant anyway.

Esena2700d ago

That is the most overused, tired motto.

Yes. We know. Ignorant starts with IGN. Now come up with something new because they (as a company) know more about gaming than you...