Families hate Xbox 360, other streaming devices in TV Cord-Cutting Experiment

From Gaming Target: "The average family isn't ready to eliminate cable television, despite the advancements of streaming devices including Xbox 360. Boston-based advertising agency Hill Holiday gave five local families new hardware, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Google TV, Boxee Box and Netflix's Roku player, replacing their existing cable boxes with the new technology. The result? Confusion, frustration and a desire for costly cable television."

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ATiElite2703d ago

Great article as I'm looking to ditch cable. If I could legally get all my favorite TV channels through the Internet for a decent price I would ditch cable but so far we are still a ways from that as the revenue for Networks to branch out to Internet Tv is not quite there yet.

On another note, these people are just Technically challenged. I got a HTPC (Home Theater Personnel Computer) hooked up to the Bravia that I control with a remote. couldn't be any easier to watch any movie any time i want or record anything to a 1TB HDD.

DualConsoleOwner2703d ago

rather than this TV crap...

I mean 2 games entire year??? thats pathetic.

how come they are investing 500 million dollars in Kinect marketing and so little in actual games??

ATiElite2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Lately Microsoft has become a company that is "monkey see monkey do" in some aspects. Instead of being at the forefront of innovation they have just been jumping on the bandwagon of whatever is hot (although a year or two late) they make some cash then off to the next thing.

I'm hoping they are just cashing out on the 360 while getting ready for a xbox 720 in 2012 for the sake of their fans. But Microsoft Web TV did come out like 7 years ago just that nobody knew about it.

DualConsoleOwner2703d ago

If they are why spend 500+ million dollars.

no. Xbox 360 is going to be around for a while.

Publishers, developers and analysts words not mine.

it just seems that MS is leaving behind hardcore and going for casuals.

rezzah2702d ago

I hope they give up on gaming consoles period.

AAACE52702d ago

I got rid of cable about a month ago and I don't miss it much!

I went on Amazon and found 2 antennas that were nicknames "Batwing" and I pick up about 33-35 channels, and I only paid $4 for each. There are only a few times where there is nothing to watch, but I realized I was paying $80 a month for cable and could find nothing to watch, so it doesn't bother me too much!

I have my 360 and Ps3, so I shouldn't get too bored. It may seem hard for others to do this because they are so used to having all of those extra channels that they don't use, but if you evaluate it, you might realize that there isn't much to watch!

The only channels I really used were USA (Mainly for Burn Notice). Animal planet, Nat Geo and History channels when I felt like learning something. ESPN every once in a while. Other than that, most of the stuff we watched came on the regular channels we get for free!

I'm ok with not having cable, but I still have to pay for internet but it saves me money!

gamingdroid2702d ago

I cut the TV cable cord a long time ago to save some $$$ since I didn't use it much. It just caused me to waste even more time on ridiculous TV activities that I already do.

However, I enjoy ESPN on my Xbox 360 so wouldn't mind getting more on my Xbox 360. Love Netflix as it is and hope some day we will get the free Hulu.

Oh no, I'm back to wasting time in front of the telly!

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SwiderMan2703d ago


Yes, they were technically inept, but a lot of the content and frustrating setup issue I agree with (and I'm well versed in this sort of technology). Amazon Video On Demand now showing HD content on TiVo HD, but grant HD access to content on PC and Mac is my biggest pet peeve at the moment. That's not something that makes them technically inept.

Plus, even with an HTPC, they wouldn't be able to access live or most on demand content that they could with cable (unless they downloaded everything via BT, but a legal study like this wouldn't venture into that territory).

I cut cable 6 months ago, but just bought a Slingbox to watch my parents extra cable box 3,000 miles away. Should amount to $192/year vs. $1,200/year.

younglj012702d ago

search ovntv and you can watch cable right on ur computer ;) for free

ATiElite2702d ago

I checked it out but all I got was a black screen. Maybe the site is down. If got more info then PM I'm interested in this.


jjank112702d ago

Cable is long gone for me. I only had cable over the past 5 or 6 years for World Cup 2010. Its a waste of money when you watch only a few channels and the internet offers many things for free.

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nygamer282702d ago

if i had all those i would cut of cable in a heartbeat

soundslike2702d ago

"I typed in 'Dora' and it came back with 'Dora the Murder', which is inappropriate. It was all these weird YouTube clips."

I laughed pretty hard.

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