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It's been almost three weeks since exobytes swooped down on Metropolis and Gotham and gave thousands of regular citizens the ability to shoot eye-beams, summon demons, create explosives out of nothing and generally run amok in DC Universe Online. Sounds fun, right? A lot of the time it is. At its core, DC Universe Online is an action game where you beat up villains, heroes and robots for experience and rewards. There are hundreds of other players doing the same around you, which is where the "massively multiplayer" part kicks in and the problems begin to show up.

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AndrewRyan2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Another ignorant review by IGN.

Is anyone else surprised?

Pandamobile2703d ago

How is this an ignorant review?

Seemed perfectly reasonable to me.

AndrewRyan2703d ago

If the game was on 360 it would have scored a 8/10

Ryudo2702d ago

My friend hasn't been able to play the game for 2 weeks since he bought it and there are plenty of other people on the forum with the same issue.

And no it's not his system the support for the PC on this game is horrible. It deserves a 7/10 it's buggy as hell.

evrfighter2702d ago

I Just got done playing it for the night. I got close to 50 hours in it.

there's nothing wrong with the score.

Bolts2702d ago

This game would have reviewed better if SoE waited a bit more to polish the game and fix a lot of the bugs. The chat system for example is completely moronic. Possibly the worst chat ever in the history of MMOs. The fact that they went live with such a horrible chat and a filter that can't be turned off is highly questionable.

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Sarcasm2703d ago

It's the Australian review and honestly a 7/10 is good.

TheLeprachaun2702d ago

Especially for an MMO. They rarely get higher than 8 at launch.

Chris3992702d ago

The game has bugs and it won't be for WoW (turn-based MMO disguised as real time vets). Only complete b.s. review I've seen was Giant Bombs.

lelo2play2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Yes, we already know. Every PS3 exclusive deserves a 10.

Sarcasm2702d ago


This is a PC review. Shows how smart you wannabe trolls are.

lelo2play2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

oh boy ... *sigh*

In case you don't know, it's on the PS3 as well... so let me correct my statement.

Yes, we already know. Every PS3 exclusive or PS3 console exclusive deserve a 10 (without exception). /Sarcasm

TBM2702d ago

I don't care what reviewers say im buying this game when I get my bills straightened out. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun and that's what I want from an MMO instead of the daily grind the others are.

Rynx2702d ago

It is a lot of fun. I saw this review coming a mile away. I tuned in to this review almost daily and read up on each new page they added. They just weren't impressed at all. Funny thing is that Greg sounded thrilled about it in the podcast just so that it can end up with a 7. Whatever I'm not surprised by this. DCUOnline is my first MMO and I'm enjoying it very much on my PS3.

TBM2702d ago

I find it funny how someone would disagree with me not caring about what reviewers say, and wanted it because it looks like a lot of fun.

Whoever you are your a sad person really

Dread2702d ago

the ignorance is not in the review buddy

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PlayerX2703d ago

If it was on 360 it would be an 8 at least.

iamgoatman2702d ago

*puts on tinfoil hat*

That or MS paid them, amirite!? /s

goosepoose2702d ago

i usually condone ign slander, but when a review actually makes sense, these comments about 8 and the 360 is trolling.

Silly gameAr2702d ago

E specially since the complaints about the score are coming from 360 fanboys, which is kind of weird.

Quagmire2702d ago

I wish instead of an MMo, it was simply an Action RPG with drop-in/drop-out co-op.

The concept is really great, and I wouldve bought it had it not been a monthly paid game.


Who cares what they say.Just enjoy the game if u bought it.Im sick and tired of this reviews argument.

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